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Sreekumaran Thampi is a genius who has proved his versatile abilities  as a 
Lyricist,Poet,Film Director,Screenplay writer,Novelist,Film Producer,T.V. Serial Producer/Director  etc.He is an engineer by profession and along with his literary and film works he owned   successful Contracting company also.
Sreekumaran Thampi was born in Harippad of Alapuzha district  on 16 March 
1940 to parents Kalarikkal Krishna Pillai and Bhavaniamma Thangachy.His mother belonged to the Royal family of Harippad.
He had his studies at Boys High School, Harippad,S.D.College Alapuzha,Engineering College Trichur,Madras I.I.T etc.He was employed in Kerala Government as an Assistant Town Planner but when became busy with film related works he left his job and started his own Contracting Company.
                                   Sreekumaran Thampi  published his first collection of poems at the age of twenty.He used to write poetries in periodicals etc and such a poem was noticed by Producer/Director P.Subramanyam and he invited Sreekumaran Thampi  to write lyrics for his film 'Kattumallika' in 1966.There were 10 songs in that film written by Sreekumaran Thampi.He was only 26 years old at that time.Afterwards he wrote lyrics for films like 'Priyatama' , Chitramela etc.'Chitramela' was a film which contained three separate stories and one of the segment was made by his screenplay  'Apaswarangal'.
From then on Sreekumaran Thampi became a well sought screenplay writer and till now to his credit he has 78 films.Only S.L.Puram Sadanandan  and Thoppil Bhasi were able to write more than that in Malayalam Cinema.
Sreekumaran Thampi wrote more than 1200 songs for more than 250  films, more than 300 album songs,several songs for T.V.Serials,etc.He directed 29 films and produced 22 films.He produced and directed several T.V.Serials.Many of his films which were directed for other producers were highly successful films at the box office.He tried to take risk for his own productions only  and produced artistically renowned films such as 'Ganam', Mohiniyattam etc.His films like 'Chandrakantham', 'Bhoogolam Thiriyunnu',
'Malika Paniyunnavar', 'Jeevitham Oru Ganam', 'Ambala Vilakku' etc all received  accolades and best opinion from the masses.His films like 'Chattambi Kalyani',
Nayattu, Simhasanam, Akramanam'etc were all blockbuster hits.
Sreekumaran Thampi wrote  4 Novels(Kakka Thampuratty,Kuttanad,Kadalum Karalum,Njanoru Kadha Parayam).
He published collection of Poems such as 'Engineeryude Veena,Neelathamara,
En Makan Karayumbol,Sheershakamillatha Kavithakal,Achante Chumbanam,Ammakkoru Tharattu' etc.He wrote a book on Prem Nazir as 
'Prem Nazir Enna Prema Ganam'.
He won State award as Best Lyricist in 1971 and 2011.Some of his films got awards and book on films got National award.
Sreekumaran Thampi is widely known as 'Hridaya Ragangalude Kavi'.Yes; he
is a poet who enchants and exhilarates our mind with his magical versus.When his lines are blended with the most appropriated music it mesmerise the listeners and creates a fantastic mood according to the emotion.He is well good  to evoke all kinds of emotions and  feelings and  a large number of melodious songs linger in the minds of people for many decades.His lyrics have the magical power to draw the attention of music lovers very fast and those lines can not be forgotten from their minds.Sreekumaran Thampi insisted to write songs which suits the scene and love to write it  in a most appropriating manner which results   as a genuine part of the scene.When we examine the song scenes of his films we can note this  quality quite easily.
Music directors like 'G.Deva Rajan,Salil Choudhary,Shyam,R.K.Sekhar,M.S.Viswanathan,M.K.Arjunan,Dakshinamoorthy' etc worked along with him but numerous hits were produced with M.K.Arjunan and Dakshina Moorthy.

Some of his best loved songs include " Hridaya Sarassile, Chandrikayil Aliyunnu, Yamune Yadukula Rathidevanevide, Pournami Chandrika, Padatha Veenayum, Nin Maniyarayile,Manohari nin Manorathathil, Muthu Kilungi,Nakshatra Kinnaranmar Virunnu Vannu, Palaruvi Karayil, Sindoora Kirananamay, Mallikapoovin Madhura Gandham,Kasthuri Manakkunnallo,Valkannezhuthi vanapushpam choodi,Chettikulangara Bharani nalil,Nanthyarvatta poo chirichu,Orudevan Vazhum kovil,Urangan Kidannnal,Aswathi Nakshatrame,Uthara Swayamvaram,Ashaadam Mayangum,Elangipoomanam,Avani ponpulari,Poomanam Poothulanju,Ezhilam pala poothu,Neelambujangal vidarnnu,Aval Chirichal,Sukhamevide Dukhamevide,Eswaranorikkal Virunninu,Kattile Pazhmulam,Bhagavan Bahagawat Geethayil,Manivarnanillatha,Jeevitheswarikkekuvan,Neelakkuda nivarthi,Neela Niseedhini........and more and more.
Since his work as a lyricist projected more, his other contributions to the film field is not well known or properly evaluated.Written screenplay for 78 films,directed 29 films and produced 22 films is obviously a great achievement.Hope he will receive his deserving recognitions in due course.The film goers and music lovers keep 
a highly respected and loved position for this wonderful personality  in their hearts.

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Violin exponent Professor T.V.Ramani expired at 3 A.M. in a private Hospital at Chennai two days back.He was under treatment for liver disease.He was cremated at Basant Nagar,Chennai.
Professor T.V.Ramani's capabilities as a musician was hereditary.His father and grandfather were also well known musicians.His father was T.G.Viswanatha Bhagavathar, who was a court musician  for the Cochin Royal family and also served as music Professor at S.K.V.College,Trissur.
T.V.Ramani was born in Tripunithura, Ernakulam District of Kerala.'Ghatam' maestro Late T.V.Vasan was his younger brother.T.V.Vasan was also an expert of Thavil and could sing Carnatic Vocal.He passed away in 2010.

Padmabhushan T.V.Gopalakrishnan
The great  Carnatic musician  Padmabhushan T.V.Gopalakrishnan is his elder
T.V.Ramani was initiated to music world by his first Guru Shri.M.S.Narayana Swami.Afterwards he went to Chennai and became the disciple of famous musician Lalgudi Gopala Iyer(Father of Lalgudi Jayaraman) and stayed in his house for six years studying music and violin.(Gurukula system).Later he returned to Kerala and joined Swathi Thirunal Music College,Trivandrum for 
'Ganabhooshanam' course.His contemporaries at the College includes M.G.Radhakrishnan,K.J.Yesudas and Professor Neyyattinkara Vasudevan.
Late T.V.Vasan
After passing out from the music College he joined as Assistant Professor in Swathi Thirunal Music College itself and worked for nine years.Then he joined Trissur All India Radio Station as staff artist.After 24 years of excellent service he retired from the Trissur Radio Station.
During his musical career T.V.Ramani played violin for many doyens of those years.He was a good vocalist also but earned name and fame as a Violinist.
He received Kerala Nataka Sangeetha Academy Award and Kendra Sangeetha 
Nataka Academy fellowship.He was recipient of several other awards like
Kanchi Sankaracharya Award and other certificates of merit.
Professor T.V.Ramani was staying at Chennai for last several years.

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Thakazhy Sivasankara Pillai was a highly accomplished Malayalam Novelist and short story writer who received wide acclamation from readers all over the world.His Novel 'Chemmen'(Prawns) was  translated in to English and other 19 foreign languages.Many of  his books are translated in to English,Hindi,several Indian as well as foreign languages also.
Thakazhy Sivasankara Pillai was famous by  his pen name 'Thakazhy' which is the name of his own village.He wrote so many Novels and more than 600 short stories.
Thakazhy got 'Jnanpith Award' which is the highest literary award in India.He was recipient of State and Central Sahitya Academy Awards also.
Thakazhy was appreciated for his unique style of realistic presentation which always provided a replica of the life style of the society and he spoke against
the evils prevailed in those period in many of his Novels and short stories.He 
wrote about various sectors in the society and communities,  emphasizing the problems facing by them.He glorified the dignity of work in his novel 'Thottiyude Makan'.He handled the problem of feudal system in this novel 'Randidangazhy' which was filmed by Neela Productions 'P.Subramanyam'.That film earned a certificate of merit at the Natioinal film award in 1958.
Many of his books were selected as film adaptation like 'Enipadikal,Chemmen,
Anubhavangal Palichakal' etc.

'Two 'Genius' writers.Both 'Jnanpith Award holders'.Thakazhy with M.T.Vasudevan Nair

'Chemmeen' (Prawns) earned much popularity for Thakazhy which was translated in to several Indian and foreign languages.It was selected for film adaptation 
Scene from film 'Chemmeen' (Sathyan and Sheela)
in 15 countries.The novel was first published in the year 1956.It received Kendra Sahitya Academy Award in 1958.Malayalam film adaptation was done by director Ramu Kariatt in 1965.Madhu,Sathyan,Sheela,Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair,Adoor Bhavani,S.P.Pillai etc acted in it.That film got National award and  brought the first Gold Medal as the Best Feature Film of India in that year.
The story of Chemmeen is described as happened in a fisherman's village of Alapuzha in Kerala and it is a sad ending love story.The narration of the novel is also appealing as the visual cinema and Thakazhy provides much delectation to his readers by his magical descriptions.
His masterpiece is an enormous novel by the name 'Kayar'(Coir) which has more than 1000 printed pages in size and it is an elaborate description  of the period from 1885 to 1971 A.D.By the well defined delineate presentation the social,economical and cultural picture of Kerala Village life during those period can be understood to all readers.
Thakazhy Sivasankara Pillai's wife was 'Katha'.
Thakazhy  passed away on  April 10, 1999.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Well distinguished and renowned Kathakali performer 'Vembayam Appukuttan Pillai' expired yesterday morning at Trivandrum due to Cardiac failure.He was
one of the founders of 'Parama Bhattaraka Kalamandalam', a school for Kathakali training started at Abhedandashram at Trivandrum with the patronage of Abhedanada Swamiji.
He is survived by his wife Radhamma who is a 'Kerala Nadanam Dance Specialist, and two daughters.His wife is dance teacher at Jawahar Balabhavan,Trivandrum.His daughters are married and settled at Trivandrum.
                       Appukuttan Pillai was born at Vembayam of Trivandrum District in 1942 and belonged to 'Pazhaya Madhom' family.His parents were Padmanabha Pillai and Kunji Amma.
He got training in Kathakali Dance from the age of 14 after passing 8 th standard at school.His masters were Pirappancodu Kunjan Pillai,Guru Chengannur Raman Pillai and Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair.Later he was trained at Tripunithura R.L.V. Institute and got diploma also.
His contemporaries were 'Mayyanadu Kesavan Nampoothiri' and 'Thonnakkal Peethambaran.
He performed Kathakali  all over India and abroad.He used to enact characters in all categories such as 'Pacha' 'Kathi' Thadi' 'Minukku' 'Kari' etc.His characters such as 'Karkodakan'  'Kali'  'Hanuman'  etc got much appreciation.

He was recipient of several honours and awards from famous  organisations including 'Sangeetha Nadaka Academy'.

Friday, September 7, 2012


The Malayalam film 'Neelakkuyil' was a trendsetter during the first phase of Malayalam cinema history.It was made in 1953 and released in 1954.Up to that period the songs of Malayalam films copied or imitated famous Hindi film tunes  but the original Kerala style tunes with a folklore touch was one highlight of 'Nelakkuyil' which was well appreciated by the audience.Those songs were composed by K.Raghavan and his fame was spread all over Kerala instantly  with that film.The lyrics were written by P.Bhaskaran and K.Raghavan used the most appropriate tunes well suited for the story and also the situation of the sequences.
It was a film which had the theme intended to change the mentality of the people about the caste system prevailed in the State.The need to implement social justice was said nicely by the Directors Ramu Kariat and P.Bhaskaran.
It was the first Malayalam film which employed outdoor shooting.The film earned much accolades,National award etc.The songs of that film are still very popular and seems they will remain  eternal for ever.One of the songs in 'Neelakkuyil' was sung by K.Raghavan itself and that  song was also well accepted.
                                     Music Director K.Raghavan is well known as 'Raghavan Master' and thank God that he is still living among us at his home town 'Tellicherry'(Thalassery) and he is still young at the age of 98.
He was born to parents Krishnan and Narayani at Talasseri.His mother died when he was very young.His father remarried again.Financial condition of the family was poor.His father used to sing Folklore songs during functions in their community and later Raghavan also joined him for singing songs which he enjoyed very much..He got trained in Classical Music and  got trained to play some musical instruments also.
After schooling his maternal uncle took him to Mumbai to find  him a job but after a few months he  returned back and went to Chennai to seek  a job related to music.Soon he got employment at 'All India Radio Station Chennai'  as  player of Musical instrument 'Thamburu'.Even though the salary was less he managed to  get along because he could earn some money by giving musical lessons to children nearby.After a few years he was transferred  to New Delhi Radio Station and in 1950 he was sent  to 'Kozkikode' Radio Station.At Kozhikode Station he got acquaintance with intellectual personalities like  P.Bhaskaran, and Uroob.P.Bhaskaran was a  well known poet and song writer even during  those days and Uroob(P.C.Kuttykrishnan) was  a famous novelist.
As part of the job K.Raghavan had to compose music for songs which he used to perform fantastically well which impressed P.Bhaskaran etc.Thus when P.Bhaskaran planned to direct the film 'Neelakkuyil' along with 'Ramu Kariyat' they 
handed over the music direction work to K.Raghavan.As in the versus "Engane nee marakkum kuyile engane nee marakkum" Malayali people can  not forget the sweet melodious songs of that film.K.Raghavan Master proved that when excellent lyrics are composed with perfection and  well suited  tunes brilliantly, they will remain eternal for ever.
For composing music for films and Professional dramas K.Raghavan had to get permission from the authorities of All India Radio and the formalities took around two months.Only the Producers and Directors willing to wait long  was able to call him for film works.So in his career he composed music for around  sixty films only but the number of film songs are around 400.He composed music for several dramas of K.P.A.C also.The drama songs "Pambukalkku Malamundu Paravakalkkakasamundu"  and  "Thalakku meethe soonyakasam thazhe maru bhoomi" are examples for K.Raghavan Master's magical touch.
                         He utilized singers like Brahmanandan,K.P.Udayabhanu,V.T.Murali,Santha P.Nair, Gayatri Srikrishnan etc. along with other famous singers.
After 'Neelakkuyil' he got appreciation for film 'Nayaru Pidicha Pulival' in 1956 and the song 'Nazhoori palu kondu nadake kalyanam' became a big hit.Afterwards he composed  music for films like 'Koodapirappu,Neelisali,Krishna Kuchela,Unniyarcha,Ammaye kanan,Rebecca etc which all boosted his fame.
"Thumbi Thumbi va va " of Koodapirappu, "Unarunru unni poove" of Ammaye Kanan, "Konna poove kingini poove innenne kandal" of Ammaye Kanan,
"Yerusalemin Nayakane Ennu Kanum " and "Kili vathilil mutti vilichathu katto" of film Rebecca, are all still very  popular.
The songs of film 'Ramanan' in 1967 mesmerized all audiences and all the songs became super hit which are highly popular still now."Ekantha Kamuka ninte manoradham" , "Chapala vyamohangal" , "Kanana chayayil aadu meykan" are all brilliant compositions.
The famous songs "Sakhakkale munnottu"(Punnapra Vayalar)
"Manju Bhashini Maniyara"  (kodungallooramma)
"Ambalapuzha Vela Kandu njan Thampuratty"(Kakkathampuratty)

"Maanathe Kayalil"   (Kalli Chellamma)
"Kari Mukil Kattile"  (Kalli Chellamma)
"Nagarm Nagaram Maha Sagaram (Nagarame Nandi)
"Ekantha Pathikan njan " (Ummachu)
"Nalikerathinte Nattil enikkoru Nazhi Edangazhi Mannundu"(Thurakkatha vathil) etc all became nostalgia for Kerala audiences and music listeners.
In 1983 also K.Raghavan sang a song along with chorus for the  film  'Kadamba'("Appozhe paranjille ")
He utilized only limited orchestra for his songs.He never demanded to write lyrics for already designed tunes.He gave music according to the lyrics and after studying the characters and scenes only.
He got Kerala Government Award  as Best Music Director for film "Nirmalyam"
in 1973.
He got Best Music Director award from Kerala Government for film 'Poojakkedukkatha Pookkal" in  1977.
He got Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy Fellowship in 1981.
He got Best Music Director award in 1986 for Drama Song.
In 1998 he got 'Kamukara Award'.
In 1998 he was presented J.C.Daniel Award for his  lifetime achievements.
In 2006  he got 'Swaralaya' award.
In 2010 he was given 'Padma Shri' Award by Government of India.
This Emperor of Music, Padma Shri K.Raghavan Master is loved and respected by all film goers and music lovers.

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L.P.R.Varma was a very famous Carnatic Music exponent who conducted large number of Carnatic Music concerts all over Kerala and other places.He  proved his substantial skills by composing music for so many professional drama songs and more than fifty film songs also.
L.P.R. Varma was born in 1926 at Lakshmi Puram Palace at 'Puzhavath' in Changanassery Taluk of Kottayam District.He was a member of the 'Thekkumkoor Dynasty'  and in this Royal Family was Kerala Varma Valia Koi Thampuran and A.R.Raja Raja Varma were  born.Kerala Verma Valia Koi Thampuran was a great Malayalam Poet and his book 'Mayoora Sandesam' which he wrote supposing  peacock as a messenger is very popular and considers as an intellectual work.A.R. Raja Raja Varma is known as 'Kerala Panini' and he is still an authority of Malayalam Grammar through his books.He wrote several books which are all turned to be reference books  of Malayalam literature.L.P.R.Verma was born in this Royal clan to parents Vasudevan Nampoothirippad and Mangalabhai Thampuratty.
With Kathakali Exponents Guru Chengannur Raman Pillai ,Chennithala Chellappan Pillai,Harippad Ramakrishnan etc.Standing extreme right is L.P.R.Varma
His real name was 'Pooram Thirunal Rama Varma,' and completed schooling from Changanassery Perunna N.S.S.High School.Later he joined at Thiruvanathapuram Swathi Thirunal Music College and passed 'Gana Bhooshanam' course in  Classical Music.His teachers were Mavelikkara Veeramani Ayyar and Madurai Kesava Bhagavathar.
From the age of 20 itself he  earned name as a brilliant Carnatic Classical performer and started concerts in every nook and corner of Kerala.
Meanwhile he started music composition and turned to be the most sought music composer by all professional drama troupes of Kerala.He composed several famous songs for 'Kerala Theaters' and K.P.A.C. Drama troupes.
He sang songs for a few films and dramas as well.His debut film  as a playback singer  was 'Avan Varunnu' produced by Udaya Studios.He sang songs for seven films and Composed music for about 50 songs of Malayalam films.'Sthree Hridayam' was the first film in which he composed music when he was 30 years old.
"Sthree Hridayam,Sthanarthi Saramma,Ollathu Mathi,Kudumbini, Sandhya Vandanam,Mayor Nair,Thottavadi" etc were the films he composed music.
The song 'Akkarapachayile ' and other songs of film 'Sthanarthi Saramma' earned accolodales.
The song 'Anjatha Sakhi athma sakhi anuraga narmada' earned National Award for Best Music Composition and Yesudas got  National Award for the first time  as playback singer in 1969 for this song which was composed by L.P.R.Varma  for the film 'Ollathu Mathi'

'Veedinu Ponnani Vilakku nee tharavadinu nidhi nee kudimbini' which was sung by C.O.Anto in 'Kudumbini' is nostalgia for music lovers still now.
The song 'Parunnu Parannu Parannu chellan pattatha kadukalil'  a drama song which was music composed and sung by L.P.R.Varma  is still loved a lot.
He introduced playback singer P.Jayachandran to Malayalam film field.A song 'Upasana Upasana ithu dhanyamamorupasana' is one of the fantastic songs of Jayachandran from the film 'Thottavadi' of which  music  was composed by L.P.R.Varma.

L.P.R.Varma Foundation program

L.P.R.Varma received Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award for Classical Music in 1978.He got Kerala Government Award for Music Composition in Professional Drama for the year 1985.

He demised nine years back and L.P.R.Varma Foundation was established in his memory.An award named 'Sangeetha Ratnakara Award' was initiated in his name and its first recipient was Shri.K.J.Yesudas.

Monday, August 13, 2012


When the first neo-realistic film in Malayalam was Directed by P. Ramadas, the film industry was only in childhood stage in the State.Up to the 50's Drama field was well flourished and going in full swing but people were being attracted to  the gimmicks of cinema and the unrealistic, wonderful  scenes on screen.So people impressed by cinema preferred  cinema houses rather than drama stages and new film theatres as well as film producers were emerging one by one.Continuous film production was also started.Two film studios were functioning well during that time in Kerala-  'Merryland' at Trivandrum and 'Udaya' at Alapuzha.To attract more viewers to the cinema theatres, films with mythological and historical themes  which use elaborate sets and costumes,mesmerising songs and dances,thrilling fight scenes etc were all usually included  in such films.Other films also contained all sorts of entertainment elements.
It was in such a situation that P.Ramadas, a young student-hailing from Trissur, who was studying at M.G.College,Trivandrum  planned to produce and direct a film.When he read an article in 'Filmfare' that Raj Kapoor was the youngest film director, the inspiration to direct a film and if possible attain the title as the youngest director came to his mind.When he learnt that his classmate 'Parameswaran' was also an aspirant to produce a film, they worked out to materialize that dream.
P.Ramadas performorming Switch-on for a Film
P.Ramadas was involved in the running of a magazine named 'Mahatma' and he had published a story titled 'Compositor' in it.Both the friends thought of filming that story by making slight changes.The screenplay was written by Ramadas himself and the dialogues were written by famous writer/Novelist 
Nagavally R.S.Kurup.The protagonist in the film was a character named 'Appu' 
who was a twelve year boy and was handled by a  boy by name 'Mony' who was relative of Nagavally R.S.Kurup.Nagavally handled the role as Appu's father 'Sankaran Nair'.Nagavally had prior experience of acting in two or three films.Prem Nazir's first heroine 'Neyyattinkara Komalam', a four year boy named Narendran,Adoor Pankajam,Veeran,Kuriathy,Omana etc acted in this film.
P.Ramadas and his friends were having  no experience in film making and P.Ramadas had no technical  knowledge except some details    acquired from books which  he read from British Library in Trivandrum.Still he dared to direct the film himself.The switch-on ceremony was held by Col.Godavarmaraja.
The indoor scenes were taken at 'Merryland Studios' while the outdoor scenes were shot at places in Trissur,Ernakulam and Madras.
Nagavally R.S.Kurup
The story was centred on the 12 year boy 'Appu'  the son of a worker in a press and his mother was working as housemaid in a wealthy house nearby.They were still in utter poverty.The boy's father lost his job after an injury from the printing press and dies later.Appu went in search of a job to Madras City where he struggled a lot.Meanwhile his mother also dies of a disease.Appu came back and determines to become a 'Newspaper Boy' to earn a living for himself and his siblings. 
This story was filmed by Ramadas with sequences very close to reality and all the actors acted well including the central character 'Appu'.The audience but were not at all interested to watch their own replica of life on screen.P.Ramadas walked ahead of time was his mistake and the film flopped.He and his friends became bankrupt.
The film 'Newspaper Boy' earned critical acclaim from all over India and the director was also appreciated widely.But the failure in box Office kept him away from films and after taking University Degree, he studied law and became an Advocate.Moreover he earned M.D. in alternative Medicine and started practising without taking money from his patients.
In 1975 he produced/directed  another film 'Niramala' in which Raghavan,Ravi Menon,Sujatha,Jameela Malick etc acted  and in 1981 yet another film by name 'Vadaveettile Athithi'.
He was given 'J.C.Daniel Award for 2007' by Government of Kerala, which is the highest film award in  Kerala, for his contributions to Cinema.

As the first producer  and director of Neo-realistic Malayalam film he made history and at the same time changed the history of films which were involved in incredible shots and scenes of fantasies only  to a world of reality too.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


K.P.Udayabhanu is the senior most playback singer in Malayalam who was
born at Tanur in Palakkad District to parents M.S.Verma and Ammu Neythyaramma on 6 June 1936.He spent his childhood days  in Singapore since his father was employed there but returned in 1943  due to his  father's demise when Udayabhanu was only seven years old.
He lived with his Uncle K.P.Appukkutta Menon afterwards.
K.P.Kesava Menon, Indian Freedom Movement Leader and Founder,Chief Editor
of 'Mathrubhumi Daily' was also his Uncle.
Udayabhanu was trained in Carnatic Music,Light Music etc at Thyagaraja Sangeetha Vidyalaya in Kalpathy of Palakkad where he was enrolled as a student.Music Experts like Palaghat Mani Iyer ,Flute Krishna Iyer, M.D.Ramanathan etc were the instructors there.
Kalamandalam Gopi and Udayabhanu
Although trained well in Carnatic Music,  Udayabhanu was inclined to light music and playback singing.After completion of academic education he joined
All India Radio, Calicut Station as an announcer.That job enabled him for  contact with eminent celebrities of cinema field and literary field also.K.Padmanabhan Nair,Santha P. Nair,Thikkodiyan,P.Bhaskaran and K.Raghavan all helped him to enter in to cinema playback singing.He was lucky enough to sing several unforgettable melodies in Malayalam.He sang songs in other south Indian language Films also.
During his career at All India Radio he could compose numerous songs.Light music and light classical music songs composed by him earned good repuatation.He got recognition from Govt. of India in this regard.
Udayabhanu sang the song 'Enthinithra Panchasara' for film 'Nayaru Pidicha
Pulival'  in 1958 for the first time as a playback singer.He sang another song

 with P.Leela 'Velutha Penne' in that film.The music composer was K.Raghavan.
His songs "Anuraga Nadakathil (Ninamaninja Kaalpadukal), Kanana Chayayil(Ramanan),Thamara Thumbi Vaavaa(Puthiya Aakasam Puthiya Bhoomi) etc  are still super hits.He sang more than 60 songs which are all
highly popular among music lovers.
Udayabhanu composed music for two Malayalam films 'Samasya' and "Mayilpeeli'.The song of Samasya 'Kili Chilachu' sung by Yesudas which was penned by O.N.V.Kurup earned appreciation.
Udayabhanu married Vijayalakshmi who was daughter of Sri.Govinda Menon from Thalassery.She died in the year 2007.Their son Rajeev Udayabhanu 
is a reputed travel Agency owner.
In 1984 Udayabhanu formed a music troupe in the name 'Old is Gold' and they conducted 'Ganamela' in all parts of India and  so many foreign countries such as USA, Canada,Singapore,Europe and all Gulf countries.
He is member of Kerala State Sangeet Nataka Academy
He is member of Kerala Kala Mandalam
Member of Board of Studies(Music)Calicut University
Member Film Censor Board (3 times)
Member-Audition Board Govt of India-All India Radio
He was honoured by Kerala Govt. for outstanding contributions to Malayalam
Film Industry in 1981.
Kerala Sangeet Nataka Academy Award in 1987
Honoured by Govt. of India AIR for outstanding contribution to broadcasting in Kerala-1999.
Kerala State Award for the Best Music Director in 1982.
National Award for  excellence in Music Direction -1995
Kerala Sangeet Nataka Academy Fellowship-2004
Central Sangeet Nataka Academy Award for Creative Music-2002
Padma Shri from Government of India in 2009.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Kaviyoor Dr.CK. Revamma was a great Carnatic Vocalist who proved her talents and
excellence as a playback singer,teacher and administrator.
She was born at Kaviyoor of Tiruvalla Taluk  on 14 April 1930 and started to learn music  from the tender age of eight.She had her first public performance at the age of 16.
She was very good at music studies and received first Rank for Music B.A. and
Music M.A. Degree Courses.She  passed 'Ganabhooshanam course' from Trivandrum Music College also.
She became lecturer at Govt. Women's College Trivandrum and later  became the  Professor and Head of that Department.
She conducted  research in music and received  Ph.D (Doctorate Degree) in Music from Kerala University.She was the first person to get Doctorate Degree for music from Kerala University.
She was able to undergo post doctoral studies in musicology in the United States of America with a scholarship.She served as visiting Professor at several Universities in the United States.After coming back to India from the United States she became the Principal of Thrissur Govt. College.She retired as
Deputy Director of Collegiate Education.
She  could serve as the member of the Board of Studies of Kerala University,Calicut University and M.G.University also.
This extraordinary unparalleled  Music Scholar was able to do  only lesser
number of Carnatic Music Public performances because she was a dedicated
teacher who could not spare much time.But when ever she had her musical
performances  publicly and had her music  program  on  All India Radio music lovers were thrilled to listen to it and enjoy those   scintillating performances.
Kaviyoor Revamma was one of the first Playback Singers of Malayalam Films.
She sang for more than 20 films during the span of 1950- 1962.
During those period the number of film releases were less.
Revamma had her debut in Malayalam playback singing through the film
'Sasidharan' of 1950.She sang the song 'Anandame' which was penned by 'Thumpaman Padmanabhan Kutty, and also the hit duet song 'Neeyen Chandrane' with Vaikom Mani.'Parameswari''' was another solo song of Revamma in that film.
Then she sung a song 'Varika Varika' which the lyrics was of 'Abhayadev' for the film 'Chechi'.Another song in that film was 'Aasha thakarkkayo'.Yet another song 'Kalitha Kalamaya'   in that film was also  sung by Revamma.
In the super duper hit of those times 'Jeevitha Nauka' (1951) she sang famous songs 'Thornnidumo Kanner', "Gathiyethumilla" , " Pasiyal Uyir Vaadi" etc
and duet songs with Mehboob and V.Dakshina Moorthy.The lyrics of this film were of Abhayadev and Music by Dakshina Moorthy.
In the film 'Raktha Bandham' , "Yachakan, 'Kerala Kesari' etc also she sang songs.
P.Bhaskaran wrote songs for film 'Navalokam' which was composed by Dakshinamoorthy and Revamma's songs 'Malayala Malarvadiye' and 'Aananda Ganam Padi' were  popular.
The song 'Deivame Karuna Sagarame' which she sung with ' Kozhikode Abdul Khader'  was very much popular and was of  the film 'Achan'.Another  famous song
'Jeevitha naadam' sung by Revamma was also from  that film.
In 1952 she sang a duet 'Chinthayil Neerunna' along with    film Actor  turned 'Jose Prakash ' for the film 'Visappinte Vili'. Jose Prakash entered the film field as a Playback singer for the film 'Sariyo Thetto' which was written and directed by  Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair. He selected acting as his career  and neglected playback singing when  became famous as an actor.Ambika(old) had her debut in that film in a small role.
She sang a song 'Karayathennomana Kunje' and a duet 'Kulirekidunna Katte' with A.M.Raja for that film.She had several hits with A.M.Raja during those period.P.Leela,Jikky Krishnaveni and Revamma were known as the  'Singing Trio' of Malayalam Films during the 50's.
In the debut film 'Marumakal'(1952) of Prem Nazir also Revamma was a playback singer.The song 'Jagadeeswara' was of Marumakal written by Abhayadev and composed by P.S.Divakar.Song 'Oh Mayathe Ee Madukara Vasantham' was  another song of  this film which  was also  sung by Revamma along   with Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar.
Songs 'Amma thaan paaril aalambame'  and 'Theliyoo nee pon Vilakke' were  from film 'Amma'."Pichakapoo Choodanum" was a song from the  film 'Velakkaran(53).
'Sukhame Sukhame' song was  of the  film 'Pon Kathir', 'Adi Thozhunnu'  song was a popular song  from the   film 'Avan Varunnu'

'Painkiliye Vaa'   was of the  film 'Kaalam Marunnu'  and these songs   were all very popular  popular in those days.
She sang songs in films " Lokaneethi, Kidappadam, Harichandra,Mariakutty,Mudiyanaya Puthran etc.In the year 1962 she  sang
the song 'Murali Mohana Krishna' for the film 'Puthiya Aakasam Puthiya Bhoomi' along with P.Leela.
Kaviyoor Revamma herself discontinued playback singing to concentrate fully on her teaching profession and music research.
She passed away at Kollam on 13th  May 2007.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Padmashri Dr.S.Seerkazhy Govindarajan was a very famous Maestro of Carnatic Music.He earned fame  as an actor,Playback singer also.He was
exceptionally good in singing devotional songs and his such songs in Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and Malayalam were very much popular.He could convey
the expression and feeling of devotion through his velvet voice for the devotional songs.In Carnatic concerts also since most of the songs are devotional compositions, he was able to spread the devotion utmost to the
music lovers.
Seerkazhi Govindarajan was born at Seerkazhy  in Tamilnadu State on 19 Jan 1933 to parents Siva Chidambaram and Avayambal.His talents in music was
intrinsic and he had his first public performance at the age of eight at the Tirupurasundari Temple on the occasion of Gnana Paal festival.

He joined Devi Natakasabha as a child artiste and then at Modern Theaters,Salem but left acting field and joined Tamil Isai College,Madras because of his flair for music.He graduated from there earning 'Isaimani' degree.
For higher studies in music he then joined at Central College of Carnatic Music,at Madras.He passed from there and received the degree 'Sangeetha Vidwan'.During the course he was staying at the house of his music Professor
'Thiruppampuram Swaminatha Pillai' and was getting 'Gurukula' type tutelage 
also.Thus he could grab  deep knowledge and intricacies of Carnatic music.
During the period 1951-52 he participated in several musical competitions and won medals and certificates.He got certificates from Madras Music Academy and Ranjini Sabha also.
Thus Seerkazhy Govindarajan became a known Carnatic vocalist and he conducted music concerts in all major cities of India like Delhi,Bombay,Calcutta,Madras,Bangalore,Ahmedabad,Trivandrum,Tirupathi,Hyderabad etc and also in every nook and  corner of the country.
Seerkazhy Govindarajan had concerts in foreign countries such as U.K.,U.S.A.,Canada,France,Germany,Switzerland,Malaysia,Singapore,Srilanka,
Mauritius,Nepal etc and earned appreciation and applause.
Meanwhile his recording of concerts and  devotional songs got much popularity and became top sellers so that he became the first singer  to receive Golden Disc from the recording companies.
He sung  thousands of playback songs for films.
He sung in films like Adutha Veettu Penn,Oli Vilakku,Karnan,Kumudam,Agathiyar,Veerapandya Kattabomman,
Raja Raja Cholan,Varuvan Vadivelan,Deivam,Policekaran Magaal,
Kadhal Payanam,Mahabali(Malayalam),Vannakkili,Anbulla Maan Vizhaiye,
Kandan Karunai,Naan Anayittal,Kongunattu Thangam,En Annan,
Raja Rajan(Telugu &Tamil),Justice Viswanathan etc.
Seerkazhi Govindarajan acted in the title role as 'Agathyar' which was a blockbuster film and box office success.
In the 70's a devotional music record in Malayalam earned huge popularity in Kerala 
which contained four Guruvayoorappan songs.The songs were 1)Saranam Sree
Guruvayoorappa Nin Azhakiya Paadam thozhunnen Kai Kooppi(2)Narayana
Namo Narayana Narayana Enna naam Ennum Parayanam Cheythal labhikkum
kshemam Narayana namo Narayana (3) Bhagavane Venugopala sarva bhangamellam akatti mangalam nalkane (4)Guruvayoorappa thuna neeye
ennu Karuthi njan ennum kai Thozhunnen.
These songs are still loved by music lovers.
Seerkazhi Govindarajan received so many awards,certificates,titles and honorary doctorate also.He was given Central Sangeetha Nataka Academy
Award and  he was given Padma Shri from Government of India in 1983.
He will be ever remembered for his devout, powerful voice,clear diction,

expressive rendering  by  stressing emotions and feelings fully.His ringing voice was unique in quality.He was a
humanitarian and had done several concerts for charity purposes.He donated large amount for temple works and for poor children's welfare.His son
Seerkazhi Siva Chidambaram is a famous Carnatic Musician.
Seerkazhi Govindarajan passed away on 24 March 1988.