Saturday, April 14, 2012


K.J.Yesudas has completed fifty years  as a Playback Singer and recently he was honored in a grand function
at Ernakulam in this regard.Yesudas is Playback Singer,Carnatic Musician,Music Composer  etc.K.J.Yesudas
is the most loved and respected singer in Kerala and also the pride of Kerala People.He has sung songs in all
Indian Languages except two languages.He sang several songs in Malayalam,Tamil.Kannda,Telugu,Marathi,Gujarathi,Bengali,Oriya,Punjabi,Sanskit,Tulu etc and in Russian,
Arabic,Malay,Latin and in English.Yesudas has sung more than 50000 songs in all these languages for a career
of five decades.
Kattassery Joseph Yesudas was born in Fort Kochi,Cochin on 10 Jan 1940 to Parents Augustine Joseph and
Alicekutty.His father was a Carnatic musician and stage actor and so the talents of Yesudas are intrinsic.He
studied for Ganabhushanam coures at RLV Music Academy,Thripunithura, and for music degree course at Swathi Thirunal Music College Thiruvananthapuram.He was also  lucky to get  music training from
Chembai Vaidya Natha Bhagavathar who was a Music Legend.At the Swathi Thirunal Music College he received special attention of  eminent Musician Semmankudi Sreenivasa Iyer.
In 1961 Yesudas got chance to sing four lines under the music Composer M.B.Sreenivasan for the film
'Kalpadukal'.The other three songs in the film were sung by K.P.Udayabhanu.
In 1962 Yesudas got chance to sing in the blockbuster film 'Bharya' and Yesudas was well noted for his
pure Malayalam pronunciation,Sweet melodious masculine voice.The music was composed by G.Devarajan
and it was the third Malayalam film of G.Devarajan and the second film as "Devarajan-Vayalar" combination.
The lyrics of Vayalar,music by  Devarajan and voice of Yesudas created unmemorable melodious creations
from thereon that in 60's and 70's hundreds of fantastic songs took birth in Malayalam films.Devarajan's
music was termed as 'Deva Sangeetham'(Celestial Music) and Yesudas  is lovingly called as 'Gana Gandharvan'(Celestial Singer).
Up to the 60's and during  early 60's Malayalam film singers were from other languages like M.B.Sreenivasan,P.B.Sreenivasan,A.M.Raja etc.K.P.Udayabhanu,C.O.Anto,Mehboob and Kamukara Purushothaman were also singing occasionally.When Yesudas entered as a new singer and in 1965 P.Jayachandran also entered as a singer of Malayalam films the listeners felt extremely happy.Later a number
of skillful music composers arrived and  but  Yesudas remained as the essential part of Malayalam Cinema.
Just for fun Yesudas has appeared in small roles in Malayalam films 'Kayamkulam Kochunni,Achani,Anarkali,Nandanam and Boyfriend'.
Yesudas has performed musical concerts in many parts of India and abroad.Since he is a skillful classical
vocalist he is well appreciated as a classical performer also.
During the 70's Yesudas has sung so many songs in Hindi which were all super hits and still loved by listeners.The songs of film 'Choti si baat', Chit Chor' etc were very much acclaimed.He sang for music
Composers Bappi Lahiri,Raveendra Jain,Salil Choudhari,Khayam etc and has sung for actors Amitabh Bachchan,Jeetendra,Amol Palekhar etc.At that period Yesudas received awards from Indian Airlines for
being a frequent passenger in the sector Trivandrum-Chennai-Mumbai.
Yesudas started Tharanga Nisari recording studio at  Trivandrum in 1980 and shifted it to Chennai in 1992.That Company was incorporated in U.S. in 1988.The studio still produces and distributes music works all over the world.
Yesudas was given National award as Best Singer 17 times
He received Best Male singer award from Kerala Government 24 times.
Tamil Nadu Government gave him Best Male singer award five times and
Karnataka  five times.
Andhra Pradesh gave him best singer award 4 times and

Bengal Government selected him as best singer once.
He received Kerala  Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award.
Tamil Nadu Government gave him 'Kalaimamani' award
Kerala Government gave him 'Aasthana Gayakan' award
He is recipient of 'Gana Gandharva' award
Three Universities  honored him with doctorate degree.
UNESCO honored him with an award for 'Outstanding achievements in music  and peace' in 1999.
He is recipient of several other awards also.Kerala Government Devaswom Board honored him with an
award recently.
K.J.Yesudas was given Padma Shri by Government of India in 1975 and Padma Bhushan in 2002.
Yesudas's spouse is Prabha Yesudas and they have three sons.His son Vijay Yesudas is well known
Playback singer in many languages of India.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


R.K.Sekhar was a Popular music composer of Malayalam and Tamil films.Before becoming an independent
music composer he was assistant of famous music director M.K.Arjunan.When  R.K.Sekhar started composing
of his own Arjunan Master (he is being lovingly called ) continued friendship with R.K.Sekhar.
R.K.Sekhar was a skillful instrumentalist and was possessing his own Piano,keyboard etc.His son A.S.Dileep
Kumar showed interest to play those musical instruments and father taught him to play some of them because
of the curiosity of the boy and his interest and skill to study and practice  them fast.
Once when A.S.Dilip Kumar was just nine years old his father noticed that the boy was playing a genuine
unique tune unknowingly on the piano.The boy was unaware that he composed a new tune.But the astonished
father utilized that tune for his Malayalam film 'Penpada' for a song 'Vellithen Kinnam Pol"  the lyrics written
by Bharanikkavu Siva Kumar.The credit of the song was received for R.K.Sekhar but the original composer
of it was A.S.Dilip Kumar who later became famous Internationally in several aspects as Music Composer,
song writer,record producer,singer, instrumentalist,philanthropist  and so on.
A.R.Rahman was born in Chennai on 6 January 1966 to parents R.K.Sekhar and Kasthuri.His father died
when he was only nine years old.The family had to lent  his musical instruments  to find money for a living.
A.R.Rahman worked with several  band groups during that period and also got trained in various musical instruments including key board,Guitar,Harmonium,Drums,synthesizer etc.At the age of eleven he worked with

his father's friend M.K.Arjunan in his troupe.Soon he got chance to work with other music composers like,M.S.Viswanathan,Ilayaraja etc.During that period he got a scholarship and studied under Trinity College
of Music,London and obtained degree in Western classical music.
The whole family members embraced Islam in 1989 and A.S.Dilip Kumar changed as Allah Rakha Rahman
when he was 23 years old.
In 1991 Mani Ratnam  the famous film maker offered him the music composing of his film 'Roja' and A.R.Rahman performed it fantastically beautiful so that it felt as a treat for the  ears of millions of people in
India.He got National Award for music Composing for that film.No other  music director received National award for his first film other than A.R.Rahman.From there on there was no turning back
and he was always in the right track till today.
A.R.Rahman changed the contemporary music style in his films and used a blend of Western and Indian classical music  with the magic he only knows.He started  his own recording and mixing studio 'Panchathan Record  Inn' in the background of his house in Chennai in 1992.
He has won two Academy Awards(Oscar),two Grammy Awards,Golden Globe and BAFTA  Awards.
He  got National award three more times in 1997 for film 'Minsara Kanavu' in 2002 for film 'Lagaan'
in 2003 for film 'Kannathil Muthamittal'. He received 25 Filmfare awards also.
He was given  honorary doctorate from  Aligarh Muslim University,Trinity College of music,Anna University
He received Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri as a recognition for his contribution to Indian Music.
He is also named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2009.
Now he has turned as an International Music Composer.