Friday, May 18, 2012


Kalamandalam Hyderali was looked upon with admiration and love by cultural Kerala because
of several reasons.He was the first Muslim Kathakali Musician who rose to fame in Kerala.
He walked along the path of Kalamandalam Sankaran Embranthiri  and with his contemporary
Venmony Haridas the trio created a new path in rendering Kathakali songs and earned wide
accolades and appreciation.
Hyderali was born to a Mappilai Pattu exponent.He joined Kerala Kalamandalam at the age

 of  eleven.His family was very poor and was not able to pay the admission fees to the Institute.He was helped by a Hindu and a Christian to pay the fees.This is disclosed in his autobiography.
At Kalamandalam he had Gurus like 'Kalamandalam Neelakantan Nambeesan,Sivaraman Nair,Kalamandalam Gangadharan etc.

Kalamandalam Sankaran Embranthiri was also a student at Kalamandalam at that time.
After passing out he was offered a job at FACT Kathakali School.
At FACT school he had other eminent co-workers like Kalamandalam Kesavan (Chenda

 expert) ,Kalamandalam Sankara Warrier(Maddalam expert),Kalamandalam Sankaran Embranthiri (Kathakali music expert)Vaikom Karunakaran Nair and FACT Bhaskaran(Kathakali dance experts).
Kalamandalam Sankaran Embranthiri along with Hyderali and Venmony Haridas instituted

a new style of rendering Kathakali songs.The aesthetics of Kathakali music was actually
differentiated by any average person from that period on wards.
In Kathakali the actors do not speak  but convey their thoughts by expressions and gestures

while the story details and conversations are detailed in the kathakali songs rendered by
two singers on stage.Even though the lines are repeated by the second singer many of the

 audiences were not able to follow them to understand the meanings or to enjoy them.The trio

Sankaran Embranthiri,Hyderali and Venmony Haridas completely changed the scenario in
this regard.They started to sing Kathakali music in a Carnatic style with distinctive  crystal

clear clarity and giving emotions and expressions in voice with voice modulation also.
The emotive style of singing and the voice quality of the singers were well noted soon that

people began to listen to the music with admiration and enjoyed it.
These singers were invited for music programs  of Kathakali music   by groups of  admiring

persons  just to enjoy the music only (without the Kathakali dance).
They paved a new path in Kathakali music which is followed by many new comers now

which marked the rise of a new system.
Being a Muslim there were incidents Hyderali was not  permitted to enter temple compound

for rendition of songs for Kathakali program. Since as a custom non Muslims are not allowed
in Hindu temples Hyderali did not take such incidents seriously.
By 1990 Hydeali earned reputation as an expert singer who could sing with full emotion

for romantic/dramatic/ and choreographically sensitive situations of Kathakali dance.
He met with a car accident and died at Alapuzha on January 5, 2006.


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