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There are a few cine songs in all Indian languages which have turned to be immortal and
listened by people for more than 50 or 60 years but pleasant appealing nature never fade out.
Malayali listeners from 1955 are enjoying the song 'Aathma Vidyalayame Avaniyil aathma
vidyalayame.....'  which is from the film 'Harishchandra'.The younger generations also likes it
and they also adore the singer Kamukara Purushothaman  who sang that song.
A song turns immortal because of several reasons such as good lyrics,the best and  most suited
music composition, rendering by a singer who could sing  with emotions and  with a sweet
appealing voice.When all these factors combine together that song will enter the hearts of the
music lovers.The song mentioned here was written by Thirnainar Kurichi Madhavan Nair and was music composed by Brother Lakshmanan.The film was produced by P.Subramanyam and
was directed by Anthony Mitradas.Thickurissi Sukumaran Nair appeared as Raja Harishchandra in this  song sequence.There were 15 songs in the picture and another song
'Aarundu chollan... is also very popular from this film still today.
Kamukara Purushothaman was born in Thiruvattar of Kanyakumari District  on 4 Dec 1930.
His parents were also well versed in Classical music and so from the childhood itself with his
younger sister Leela (Who is famous Writer,Musician and Dancer Dr.Leela Omcherry now)
were initiated to the world of Classical music.At the age of 13 itself Kamukara Purushothaman
S.P. at Kamukara Residence in 2005
had his debut at Aadi Kesava Temple,Thiruvattar.He started music concerts from the age of
15 itself.From 1950  he was made an artist at Travancore Broadcasting Station and had
transmitted his classical concerts several times.He had sung Light music at All India Radio
Station hundreds of times.
His first cine music was recorded in the year 1953 when he was 23 years old.From there on
he was offered songs in many films and during the 50's and 60's he was on the top as as

a playback singer not only in Malayalam but in other South Indian Languages also.He had
sung songs for more than 125 films and most of them were super hits at that period and many
of them are still very popular and afresh.
The emoted voice quality and magical resounding sound mesmerized the listeners that 
the songs 'Eeswara chintha ithonne manujanu saswathame ulakil..' and  'Nale Nale ennayittum

Scene of Song 'Aatha Vidyalayame'

Scene from 'Kattu Mainah'

Bhagavane Kananithra...'  keep on the magic for ever.
The song 'Ganga Yamuna....' of film 'Hotel High Range,
song 'Sangeethame jeevitham' of film Jail Pully sung with Santha P.Nair
song 'Osana ..Osana....Daveedin Puthrannosana..Parisudhan Parisudhan...'from 'Snapaka Yohannan',
Song 'Thumapoo Peyyana Poonilave '..sung with KPAC Sulochana in 'Randidangazhi'
Song 'Mattoru Seethaye Kattilekkayakkunnu...' from film 'Tharavattamma'
Song 'Ekanthathayude Apaara theeram ...' from film 'Bhargavee Nilayam'
song ' Kanninayum Kaniinayum ' with S.Janaki in 'Lady Doctor'
song 'Pancha Varna Thatha Pole konchi vanna penne' sung with yesudas in film 'Karutha Kai'
Song ' Asoka Vanathile Seethamma.. avalude Sreeraman aaramma' sung with Vasantha in
the film 'Kallichellamma'.
Song 'Aakasa poykayilundoru ponnum thoni....' from film 'Pattu Thoovala'
song 'Marakkan Kazhiyumo Premam'.......from film 'Kannur Deluxe'
Song ' Padachavan Padachappol...' from film' Kayamkulam Kochunni'
Song 'Mindathathenthanu thathe nee ganam maranno nanam vanno'.. from 'Jnana Sundari'
Song 'Panineer Malarinorithal kozhinjalum kanthi kuranjidumo'... from 'Njana Sundari'
are some of the songs still very popular.
Songs from films 'Pen Makkal, Indu Lekha, Mariakutty,Sarpakkadu,Christmas Rathri,
Althara,Balyasakhi,Karuna,Chilamboli etc are also liked by music lovers.
Kamukara Purushothaman with A.P.Udaya Bhanu and other eminent senior  singers formed a
music troupe  by name 'Old is Gold' and performed stage programs all over India and abroad
which attracted a large sector of people.
Kamukara Purushothaman left this world on May 26, 1995 leaving behind that rich emotion
filled wonderful voice and melodious songs for enjoyment for the coming generations also.

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