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Thiruvizha Jayasankar is a highly reputed Nadaswaram Musician of Kerala.The wind instrument 'Nadaswaram'
is an essential part of Hindu  way of life  especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Nadaswaram music is daily needed in all temples of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and for festivals .Nadaswaram is a must for Hindu marriage ceremony.Nadaswaram accompanied with
percussion instrument 'Thavil' which is similar to drum is mostly used for Nadaswaram concerts or it can be
used along with  drums(Chenda) also.The artist using this instrument is playing it using his mouth and by breath control and
with the fingers closing and opening the holes on the sides of the 'Nadaswaram' the necessary notes and rhythm
is made.They are singing classical Carnatic songs  through this instrument and so the player should know the
Carnatic 'Kritis'(songs) and must be well versed in its composition.They should be an expert to operate the
Nadaswaram also.The advantage is that if the player's voice is not fair but he knows all the Carnatic 'Kritis'
well defined  he can get fame as a Nagaswara Player.
Thiruvizha Jayasankar was born at Thiruvizha near Cherthala of Alapuzha District.His father was an eminent
Nadaswara artist and so gave training to Jayasankar from Childhood in this art form.After passing out B.A.
degree course he joined for music courses like Gana Bhushanam and Gana  Praveena and was able to

get those certificates also.For this he studied at Chittoor Government College,Thripunithura R.L.V. Academy and Trivandrum Swathi Thirunal College.
The famous 'Gana Gandharvan' Yesudas is his class mate in Music College.
His 'arangettam' (first public performance) was at the age of 16 and was held at Kayamkulam Pathiyoor Devi
Temple.He worked  at   Trivandrum Radio Station from 1966 on wards.
He established himself as an expert Nadaswara Player and earned fame from 1975 and has conducted
several concerts in Kerala  and Tamil Nadu.He

 has performed  all over India and done concerts in Germany

and France also.
Thiruvizha Jayasankar has served as visiting Professor  of  Annamalai University.
He is recipient of Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy Award,
Tamil Nadu Government 'Kalaimamani' Award and so many certificates,medals and awards.

His main disciples are 'Vettikkavala Sasi Kumar and Haripad Murukadas'.

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