Thursday, December 20, 2012


Sreekumaran Thampi is a genius who has proved his versatile abilities  as a 
Lyricist,Poet,Film Director,Screenplay writer,Novelist,Film Producer,T.V. Serial Producer/Director  etc.He is an engineer by profession and along with his literary and film works he owned   successful Contracting company also.
Sreekumaran Thampi was born in Harippad of Alapuzha district  on 16 March 
1940 to parents Kalarikkal Krishna Pillai and Bhavaniamma Thangachy.His mother belonged to the Royal family of Harippad.
He had his studies at Boys High School, Harippad,S.D.College Alapuzha,Engineering College Trichur,Madras I.I.T etc.He was employed in Kerala Government as an Assistant Town Planner but when became busy with film related works he left his job and started his own Contracting Company.
                                   Sreekumaran Thampi  published his first collection of poems at the age of twenty.He used to write poetries in periodicals etc and such a poem was noticed by Producer/Director P.Subramanyam and he invited Sreekumaran Thampi  to write lyrics for his film 'Kattumallika' in 1966.There were 10 songs in that film written by Sreekumaran Thampi.He was only 26 years old at that time.Afterwards he wrote lyrics for films like 'Priyatama' , Chitramela etc.'Chitramela' was a film which contained three separate stories and one of the segment was made by his screenplay  'Apaswarangal'.
From then on Sreekumaran Thampi became a well sought screenplay writer and till now to his credit he has 78 films.Only S.L.Puram Sadanandan  and Thoppil Bhasi were able to write more than that in Malayalam Cinema.
Sreekumaran Thampi wrote more than 1200 songs for more than 250  films, more than 300 album songs,several songs for T.V.Serials,etc.He directed 29 films and produced 22 films.He produced and directed several T.V.Serials.Many of his films which were directed for other producers were highly successful films at the box office.He tried to take risk for his own productions only  and produced artistically renowned films such as 'Ganam', Mohiniyattam etc.His films like 'Chandrakantham', 'Bhoogolam Thiriyunnu',
'Malika Paniyunnavar', 'Jeevitham Oru Ganam', 'Ambala Vilakku' etc all received  accolades and best opinion from the masses.His films like 'Chattambi Kalyani',
Nayattu, Simhasanam, Akramanam'etc were all blockbuster hits.
Sreekumaran Thampi wrote  4 Novels(Kakka Thampuratty,Kuttanad,Kadalum Karalum,Njanoru Kadha Parayam).
He published collection of Poems such as 'Engineeryude Veena,Neelathamara,
En Makan Karayumbol,Sheershakamillatha Kavithakal,Achante Chumbanam,Ammakkoru Tharattu' etc.He wrote a book on Prem Nazir as 
'Prem Nazir Enna Prema Ganam'.
He won State award as Best Lyricist in 1971 and 2011.Some of his films got awards and book on films got National award.
Sreekumaran Thampi is widely known as 'Hridaya Ragangalude Kavi'.Yes; he
is a poet who enchants and exhilarates our mind with his magical versus.When his lines are blended with the most appropriated music it mesmerise the listeners and creates a fantastic mood according to the emotion.He is well good  to evoke all kinds of emotions and  feelings and  a large number of melodious songs linger in the minds of people for many decades.His lyrics have the magical power to draw the attention of music lovers very fast and those lines can not be forgotten from their minds.Sreekumaran Thampi insisted to write songs which suits the scene and love to write it  in a most appropriating manner which results   as a genuine part of the scene.When we examine the song scenes of his films we can note this  quality quite easily.
Music directors like 'G.Deva Rajan,Salil Choudhary,Shyam,R.K.Sekhar,M.S.Viswanathan,M.K.Arjunan,Dakshinamoorthy' etc worked along with him but numerous hits were produced with M.K.Arjunan and Dakshina Moorthy.

Some of his best loved songs include " Hridaya Sarassile, Chandrikayil Aliyunnu, Yamune Yadukula Rathidevanevide, Pournami Chandrika, Padatha Veenayum, Nin Maniyarayile,Manohari nin Manorathathil, Muthu Kilungi,Nakshatra Kinnaranmar Virunnu Vannu, Palaruvi Karayil, Sindoora Kirananamay, Mallikapoovin Madhura Gandham,Kasthuri Manakkunnallo,Valkannezhuthi vanapushpam choodi,Chettikulangara Bharani nalil,Nanthyarvatta poo chirichu,Orudevan Vazhum kovil,Urangan Kidannnal,Aswathi Nakshatrame,Uthara Swayamvaram,Ashaadam Mayangum,Elangipoomanam,Avani ponpulari,Poomanam Poothulanju,Ezhilam pala poothu,Neelambujangal vidarnnu,Aval Chirichal,Sukhamevide Dukhamevide,Eswaranorikkal Virunninu,Kattile Pazhmulam,Bhagavan Bahagawat Geethayil,Manivarnanillatha,Jeevitheswarikkekuvan,Neelakkuda nivarthi,Neela Niseedhini........and more and more.
Since his work as a lyricist projected more, his other contributions to the film field is not well known or properly evaluated.Written screenplay for 78 films,directed 29 films and produced 22 films is obviously a great achievement.Hope he will receive his deserving recognitions in due course.The film goers and music lovers keep 
a highly respected and loved position for this wonderful personality  in their hearts.