Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Veloor Krishnan Kutty was the most popular humorist in Malayalam.This is 
just a personal opinion since otherwise it would become a controversial argument.In Malayalam Literature Kunchan Nambiar is considered the best Satirist Poet who wrote in Malayalam and 'Manipravalam'(a mixture of Malayalam and Sanskrit).He  started the new art form 'Thullal' and started Thullal  
varieties 'Ottan Thullal,Seethankan Thullal and Parayan Thullal'.We can guess that he had immense Knowledge about Malayalam and Sanskrit Languages and the Hindu Epics Ramayana,Mahabharata etc.Comparing him with Veloor Krishnan Kutty  or any other humorist is not wise.
Later E.V.Krishna Pillai and Sanjayan became popular writers and well known satirists.Their depth of Knowledge was also  vast.V.K.N. also belonged to that category.
From the 50's   some of the the most impressed humorists among the common people were 'Vanakkutty,Thomas Pala,Veloor Krishnan Kutty, P.Subbaiah Pillai,
Vellor Krishnan Kutty,C.V.Ananda Bose.I.A.S&P.C.Sanal Kumar.I.A.S
Krishna Poojappura,Sukumar,P.C.Sanal Kumar I.A.S, etc' and out of these Veloor Krishnan Kutty is still very popular and his books are widely read throughout Kerala by young and old.He had published more than 150 books which consists of Novels,Collection of short stories,collection of essays etc.
Veloor Krishnan Kutty was born in Veloor of Kottayam District.He had his studies at C.M.S. College Kottayam and took Journalism as his profession.He worked with 'Deepika' of Kottayam and later became editor of 'Deepika Weekly'.
He was a column writer of Deepika in the pen name 'Pathra Paarayanan' for eight years.

Dr.George Marangoly  and Veloor Krishnan Kutty

Veloor Krishnan Kutty effectively utilized his essays and short stories for criticism against evils in the society  humorously which struck the targets always.When Kunchan Nambiar wrote his poems utilizing the characters of Ramayana and Mahabharata as Kerala people and  as if the places mentioned in those epics were in Kerala, Veloor Krishnan Kutty made many of his characters similar to them.Examples are Dussasana Kurup,Mandodari Amma, Panchali Amma,Damayanti, and so on.His  Characters 'Masappady Mathu Pillai'  and 'Arimpara Devasya' earned the love of all readers as well as the book 'Akhila Kerala the Vayassan's club'.
Veloor Krishnan Kutty received Kerala Sahitya Academy Award for his book 'Vela Manasilirikkate' in 1974.He was recipient of several other awards also.
His books 'Masappadi Mathu Pillai, Panchavadippalam and Ambili Ammavan' were made in to films.
Veloor Krishnan Kutty died on 22 Aug 2003 at the age of 74.