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Thoppil Bhasi was a famous playwright,screenwriter,film director,social activist,legislative assembly member,politician, writer  etc from  Kerala State.He was born at 'Vallikunnam' in Kerala on 8 April 1924.
He joined Trivandrum Ayurveda College after passing 'Sasthri Course.While studying at that college he was student leader who conducted strikes for student causes which the students of modern times are enjoying at present.
He passed the Ayurveda Course 'Vaidya Kalanidhi' securing top rank.Thoppil Bhasi but turned out to be a politician, writer and film director instead of becoming a Doctor.
He worked for Indian National Congress initially but associated with the Communist movements of Kerala in the 50's and had to  work in exile also  for the party.
He was one of the main founder of K.P.A.C Drama Troupe Kayamkulam.
He wrote 'Ningalenne Communistakki' drama which was staged as the second drama of K.P.A.C.It was inaugurated on December 6, 1952 at Chavara.The socio political play influenced the society highly and helped the communist movements to popularize in a large  scale.The drama was banned in 1953 but lifted the ban after two months.That drama was staged for more than 6000 times in Kerala and all over India.Thoppil Basi had to live long years in exile and suffered imprisonment also for his political activities.Later he served as legislative member twice.
Thoppil Basi wrote more than 106 screenplays for Malayalam films which might be the largest.He wrote several dramas which were all staged by K.P.A.C.
Many of his dramas were made films later on.'Ningalenne  Communistakki' was 
filmed by Udaya Studios in 1972.Its screenplay and direction was performed by Thoppil Bhasi.Sathyan,PremNazir,Ummer,Jayabharathy etc acted in it.
He directed thirteen Malayalam films which were all super hit."Ningalenne

Communistakki,Sarasayya,Oru Sundariyude Kadha,Enipadikal,Madhavikutty,Chakravakam,Ponni,Mucheettukalikkarante Makal'Missi,Sarvekallu,Yudhakandam,Mochanam,Ente Neelakasam" were the films directed by him.
Sarasayya was a popular drama written by him and staged by K.P.A.C. When it was filmed in 1971 Thoppil Bhasi wrote screenplay and performed direction.Sathyan,Madhu,Sheela,Adoor Bhasi,Alummoodan etc acted it.It won Kerala State film award as Best film.
'Mucheettu Kalikkarante Makal' was a film based on Vaikom Muhammad Basheer's novel in the same name.Screenplay and direction was performed by Thoppil Bhasi.'Enipadikal and Madhavikutty' were also based on famous novels and 'Sarvekallu' was film version of his own drama.
Thoppil Bhasi received Kerala Sahithya Academy Award and Kendra Sahithya Academy Award.
Thoppil Bhasi lead a simple life.His contributions to the society in various aspects will be ever remembered.

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