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Prathivadhi Bhayankara Sreenivas, who was famous as P.B.Sreenivas and fondly known as PBS was a veteran playback singer in Kannada,Telugu,Tamil,Malayalam,Hindi and Tulu languages.He had sung more than 3000 songs in a career span of more than 50 years.
Sreenivas was born in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh State.
He possessed gentle sweet voice which moved our hearts and soul with overwhelming emotions which contained in that songs. He was a brilliant singer who could sing expressively and give life to the songs.He was equally marvellous in  singing with ease melancholy,romantic songs,happy or sad songs and all with perfection.Music directors were very much impressd  about his ability to provide the needed emotions,pitch perfection  and rendering  with correct note.
P.B.Sreenivas entered film industry as a playback singer by singing a couple of lines for  the Hindi film 'Mr.Sampath, based on R.K.Narayan's novel in 1952 with the help of his father's friend 'Eamani Sankara Shetty' who composed music for that film.
Then he got chance for singing in the famous Tamil  hit film 'Veera Pandya Katta Bomman' for Gemini Ganesan.The song "Inbam Pongum Vennila"  with P.Susheela received accolades for him.Films 'Adutha Veettu Pen' and 'Kappalottiya Thamizhan' boosted his fame and he became an established playback singer.
He sang many songs for 'Gemini Ganesan' which  the voice was most suited to that actor and like that for the superstar Raj Kumar in Kannada he sang the largest number of songs.He has sung the largest number of songs in Kannada language.
He entered Kannada film field by singing in the movie 'Jataka Phala' in 1953.
P.B.Sreenivas sang several devotional songs and his melodious voice which carried the realm of divinity touched the hearts of devotees."Sharada Bhujanga Stothram,Venkiteswara Suprabhatham,Mukunda Mala,Shri Mallikarjuna Stothra, Purandaradasa compositions" are all widely admired.
PBS could speak,read and write eight languages fluently including English and Urdu.He was a poet also and wrote poems and Ghazals too.His rendition in all languages were with amazing clarity.
His entry to Malayalam films was in 1955 with the film 'C.I.D'. under the music composition of Br.Lakshamanan.
In the same year the song 'Mahal Thyagame' in the movie 'Harischandra' was an instant hit.He then became an established playback singer in Malayalam films and sang for films like " Minnunnathellam Ponnalla,Minnal Padayali,Aana Valarthiya Vanampadi,Unniyarcha,Arappavan,Viyarpinte Vila,Palattu Koman,Christmas Rathri, Krishna Kuchela,Seetha,Kandam Becha Kottu,Nadodikal,Palattu Koman,Rebecca,Sreerama Pattabhishekam,Kalanju Kittiya Thankam,Snapaka Yohannan,Kuttikuppayam,Ezhu Rathrikal,Kodungallooramma,Vidhi,Kannur Deluxe,Swapnadanam,Raju Rahim,Purappadu" etc.
Some of his hits in Malayalam are :-
Song in 'Rebecca'  - "Iniyoru Janmamundo"
song "Baliyalla" - music by K.Raghavan
song "Niranja Kannukalode"- in the film 'School Master'
Song "Veedayal Vilakku"-  film 'Chettathi'
song "Avalude Kannukal" - film Kattu mallika music M.S.Baburaj
song "Kizhakku Kizhakkorana" - film 'Thriveni' music Devarajan
The song "Mamalakalkappurathu" - is an eternal song of which lyrics are by
P.Bhaskaran and music by M.S.Baburaj
Song  " Inakkuyile Inakkuyile" - is another melodious song.

In Tamil,  song "Kalangalil Aval " -film 'Pava Mannippu'
 Song  'Aval Paranthu Ponale'- film 'Paar Magle Paar'
'Padatha pattellam'-  Veera Thirumagan
'Inbam Pongum Vennila' - film Veera Pandiya Katta Bomman
song 'Pothigai Malai' - film Thiruvilayadal
song 'Paal vannam Paruvam' - film 'Paasam'
song 'Yar yar yar Avar yaro' film 'Pasa Malar'
song 'Kannale Pesi' film 'Adutha veettu Pen'
song ' Roja Malare' duet with P.Susheela in 'Veera Thirumagan' 

songs  " Nilave ennidam nerungathey"  and "Mayakkama Kalakkama"
are all widely admired hit songs.
Some of his famous Tamil films are "Kappalottiya Tamizhan,Sumai Thangi,Anbalippu,Idhaya Kamalam,Paasam,Policekaran Magal,Amma Enge,Kavitha,Annavin Aasai,Engal Selvi,Shanti,Yarukku sondham,Ootty varai Uravu" etc

PBS passed away at his Chennai residence on 14 April 2013 due to heart attack.He was 83.

He is remembered also for his gentle and nice  behaviour to all.He was simple,humble and gentle mannered always.May his soul rest in peace.