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Thankazhy Sivasankara Pillai was an Internationally renowned Malayalam Novelist and Short Story writer whose many of the works are translated to several foreign languages and many other Indian languages.His numerous life like characters lingers in the minds of his readers for ever.His selection of the apt words,the style and beauty of his writing and the overall presentation was always loved by the readers.One would fall in love with the author and his artistic way of writing  by just  reading a single piece of short story from the vast collection of short stories and the novels he wrote.He possessed the unique magic of handling Malayalam language  or hypnotic style of literary art to attract the readers.He was the holder of highest literary award of India
'Jyan Pith' which he got for the gigantic novel 'Kayar'(Coir in English) which illustrated the life style of five generations and story which extended for two centuries.The novel contains more than 1200 printed pages.
'Thakazhy' with beloved wife 'Katha'
Thakazhy Siva Sankara Pillai was born at Thakazhy Village in Alapuzha District on 17th April 1912.After completing 'Law Studies' he practiced law under P.Parameswaran Pillai in Ambalapuzha Munsiff Court.
He also worked as a journalist for 'The Kerala Kesari' , a magazine owned by 'Kesari Balakrishna Pillai'.
Thakazhy Siva Sankara Pillai was popular by his birthplace name 'Thakazhy' and it was his pen name.Thakazhy rose to the heights of popularity by the novel 'Chemmeen' which was published in 1956.He stayed in a hotel in Kottayam and completed the novel in two weeks.The book received a wonderful welcome from the readers such that it was translated in to 19 world languages including 'English,Russian,German,Italian,French,Arabic' etc and adapted for film in 15 countries.It was translated into several Indian languages also.
'Chemmeen' was adapted for a Malayalam film which was released in the same title in 1966 in which Madhu,Sheela,Sathyan,Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair,Adoor Bhavani etc acted and  was directed by Ramu Kariatt.The film won Gold Medal as the Best Indian film of that year.
The first Novel adapted for a film written by Thakazhy was 'Randidangazhy'(Two Measures) in 1948.It was against the evils of feudal system and was Produced and directed by P.Subramanyam.The screenplay was written by Thakazhy himself.It won certificate of Merit at the National level.
The Pride of Kerala-Jnan Pith Award Holders-Thakazhy and M.T.Vasudevan Nair
His Novel 'Anubhavangal Palichakal'(Experiences and Failures) was adapted for a Malayalam film in 1971 in which Nazeer,Sheela,Sathyan,K.P.A.C.Lalitha,Bahadoor etc acted.It was the last film of the great Malayalam actor 'Sathyan'.
Popular scene from Malayalam film 'Chemmeen'
'Enippadikal' was another Malayalam  film adapted from his novel in 1973 in which Madhu Sarada,Jayabharathy,Adoor Bhasi etc acted and was directed by Thoppil Bhasi.
Chukku(Dry Ginger) was adaptd for a Malayalam  film in 1973.

Some of his famous novels include 'Randidangazhy(Two Measures),
Thottiyude Makan(Scavenger's Son),Chemmeen(The Prawns),
Thendi Vargam(The Beggar Clan),
Kayar(The Coir), Enippadikal(Th Ladders),Ouseppinte Makkal(The Children of Ouseph) Etc.
Collection of Short Stories include  
Theranjedudutha Kadhakal,Inquilab,Pavitratha,Njan Piranna Naadu,Kure Kadhapathrangal etc.
Autobiographical books include 'Ente Balya Kala Kadha,Ormayude Theerangalil,Oru Kuttanadan Kadha,Jeevithathinte Oru Edu'.

His novel 'Chemmeen' got 'Kendra Sahithya Akademy Award', India's Second largest Literary Prize in 1957.
His Novel 'Kayar' was tranlated into Tamil as 'Kayaru' and to Kannada as 'Hagga'.It was also translated into English and many other foreign languages.
It won 'Jyan Pith Award' the highest Literary Award in India,
Vayalar Award, and Soviet Land Nehru Award.
Thakazhy Siva Sankara Pillai was Awarded the Padma Bhushan, the third highest Civilian Award of India in the year 1985.
Thakazhy Passe away on 10th April 1999, at the age of 86.
His house was maintained as a memorial monument and Museum ehich displays his personal belongings such as 'Walking stick,Chair,Bed,Pen etc etc.
All the books published by him are displayed there which is named as 'Thakazhy Smrithi Mandapam'.

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