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T.C.Yohannan is a former Indian long jumper who made a record in National
 Games which nobody could break for about three decades.
T.C.Yohannan (Thadathuvila Chandapillai Yohannan) was born on 19th May 1947 at Kundara, Kollam district in Kerala.Aftere his studies he joined Bhilai Steel plant.At school level and college he was an active sports person.
He participated in long jump and  triple jump in various sports meet held there.

In the year 1970 he finished as the second in National level.
In 1971 he set a National mark of 7.60 metres in Patiala.
Tinu Yohannan
Meanwhile he represented India in an International meet and won Gold Medals for Long Jump and Triple Jump.
He became National triple jump champion in 1972.
T.C.Yohannan  set new National Record of 7.78 metres in 1973.
At Teheran Asian Games he set a record of 8.07 metres in 1974.
He also received Gold medals in  sports meet held in Japan next year.
T.C.Yohannan also won Championship at Philipines and Sibu City.
He represented India in the Montreal Olympics in 1976 but could not achieve a medal.
Former Indian team member of Cricket, Tinu Yohannan is his son.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


The legend Shri.K. Karunakaran was an ideal Indian Politician who was one of the top leaders of Indian National Congress Party and member of AICC.He was very close to Smt.Indira Gandhi and Shri. Rajiv Gandhi.
He was fondly termed and called as ' Leader' even by those in the  opponent parties.He served as,Trade union Leader,Member of Legislative Assembly,State Minister,Chief Minister,Member of Parliament,Union Cabinet Minister etc.
With Former Indian President Smt.Pratibha Patil
Karunakaran with his wife Smt.Kalyanikutty Amma
He was humorous like Marxist Party leader and former Chief Minister of Kerala Shri E.K.Nayanar.Karunakaran's sarcasm and witty conversation amused his allies and all.This versatile personality and the Ultimate leader possessed qualities like generosity,enthusiasm,idealism,tactfulness,keenness,tolerance etc.He was very hard working and was responsible with swiftness and quick in all actions. 
Chief Minister Shri.Oommen Chandi,Shri.K.Karunakaran and Former Indian Defence Minister Shri A.K.Antony
K.Karunakaran was born on July 5, 1918 at Chirackal in Kannur District to parents Thekkedathu Ravunni Marar and Kannoth Kalyani Amma with birth star 'Karthika'.He studied at Vadakara in the LP and UP sections of schools and afterwards joind Thrissur MTI for drawing and painting diploma  course in which he had inborn talents.
He was an active member of Indian freedom  Struggle and he participated in the 1942 Quit India Movement also.
With Chief Minister Shri.Oommen Chandy
He became a  candidate for an election for  the first time in the  Thrissur Municipal Corporation election.
He became member of the Thrissur Municipal Council from 1945 to 1947 and from that period itself he was being called as  the 'Leader'.

In the year  1948 he won the Cochin State Assembly elections.
In the year 1949, 1952, and in 1954 he was elected to Travancore-Cochin Legislative Assembly.
He became an MLA in 1968 and won a total of seven times.
Karunakaran represented 'Mala Constituency' continuously for thirty years.
With Shri.E.M.S
During 67-69,78,80-81, and 87-91 he was leader of the Opposition at Kerala Legislative Assembly.
With Shri.Rahul Gandhi
He was the main  brain behind the formation of UDF and  the founder of UDF which helped a coalition  in 1970 by which likely political parties joined together to form a Government in Kerala.It was a great idea which was later followed in some other states and for the formation of Union Government also.
With Shri.Rajiv Gandhi
During 1971 to 77 he was a Minister  in Kerala Government during the period which Shri.C.Achutha Menon was the  Chief minister.
Karunakaran was the Home Minister during emergency period and after it he had to step down because of the controversial 'Rajan Case'.
Smt.Padmaja Venugopal
Karunakaran served as Chief minister for the full five year term from 1982 to 1987 only.
He became Chief Minister in 1991 but resigned in 1995 and shri.A.K.Antony took over as Chief Minister.
Karunakaran served as Union Cabinet Minister for Industries from 1995 to 1996.

With Matha Amrithanandamayi Devi

with Smt.Indira Gandhi

with Shri.Man Mohan Singh and Smt.Sonia Gandhi

He was member of Parliament from 1995 to 1998.
He formed a new political party 'DIC' in 2005 but returned back  to Indian National Congress very soon.
He Married his uncle's daughter Kalyanikutty Amma in 1954 at the Guruvayoor Temple.The couple have two Children, Shri.K.Muraleedharan and Smt.Padmaja Venu Gopal.Karunakaran's wife Kalyanikutty Amma passed away in 1993 and later he became a pure vegetarian.
Karunakaran was a firm believer of God and his love towards 'Guruvayoorappan' was well known.He used to visit Guruvayoor Temple on the 1st of all months according to Malayalam Calendar.
Shri.K Karunakaran passed away on 23 December 2010 aged 92, at a private Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram.His funeral was attended by the  then Prime Minister Shri.Man Mohan Singh and AICC Chief Smt.Sonia Gandhi.

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Born as Subramanian, popularly known as 'Kothamangalam Subbu' was a Novelist,lyricist,poet,author,actor,director,story narrator,singer etc and for more than two decades he was the close associate of S.S.Vasan( owner of Gemini Studios who also owned 'Ananda Vikatan' Weekly.Vasan was film producer and director also.)
He was the No.2 of gigantic Gemini Studios and associated with many popular films made at Gemini Studios by Vasan such as 'Chandralekha'.
He used to write Novels etc in the pen name 'Kalaimani'.
Kothamangalam Subbu was born as Subramaniam in a small village of Tamil Nadu and his mother died when he was very young so that he was brought up by his aunt.He got opportunity to study only  up to 8th grade in school.Later he worked as clerk in a timber store at Kothamangalam of Tamil Nadu.
The young Subbu had inborn talents in diversified fields and an ardent love towards dance and music.He was a gifted writer and his novels are very much loved by literature lovers because of its excellent presentation and sweet language.
He wrote 'Thillana Mohanambal' a classic novel after joining with Vasan at Gemini Studios.It handles a theme of 'Devadasi dancers' of temples during early periods  and the romantic love of Nagaswaram expert 'Shanmugasundaram' and dancer Mohanambal is narrated with exquisite beauty in this Novel.It was initially published as a weekly serial in the 'Ananda Vikatan' magazene  which extended for more than two years.The monumental tale of protagonists of dance and music was read eagerly with immense amazement by the readers of 'Ananda Vikatan' weekly.Kalaimani Kothamangalam Subbu was given 'Padma Shri' Award by Government of India in 1971 for authoring this Novel.
Thillana Mohanambal was adapted for Tamil film in the same title in which Sivaji Ganesan and Padmini paired the lead roles  and was produced and directed by A.P.Nagarajan.
At Gemini Studios he was part of great films like

Sundari Bai

'Avvaiyar,Chandralekha,Vanjikottai Valiban,Miss Malini' etc.
The classic cult film 'Avvaiyar' was directed by Kotha Mangalam Subbu.
K.B.Sundarambal appeared in title role and Gemini Ganesan acted as the hero.
In small roles Kothamangalam Subbu and his wife 'Sundari Bai' acted in it.
His wife Sundari Bai was a distant relative of Subbu and has acted in several films.Sundari Bai was the female lead in the film ''Kannamma en Kadhali' which was directed by Subbu.Miss Malini was a remarkable film which was remade in Hindi as Mr.Sampath.In the Tamil film Miss Malini, Subbu was the hero. Pushpavally and Subbu's wife Sundari Bai were the female leads.Sundari Bai was also the lead actress of film 'Dasi Aparanji' and also acted in other films like Sumathi En Sundari,Chandralekha,Bama Rukmini,Avvaiyar etc.
Kothamangalam Subbu acted in films such as 'Miss Malini,Avvaiyar,Thiru Neelakantar,Pava Mannippu' etc.
As a writer his famous works include 'Thillana Mohanambal,Rao Bahadur Singaram,Bandanallur Bama,Ponni Vanathu Poonguyil,Miss.Radha,Manju Virattu' etc.
After quitting the job at Gemini Studios Kothamangalam Subbu  was busy as a 'Villu Pattu' presenter by narrating  stories from history and Hindu epics to eagerly waiting large masses of people in temples of Tamil Nadu.Villu Pattu is a folklore art form performed by a small group of artists by narrating stories with the help of songs and using some musical instruments.
Kothamangalam Subbu passed away on February 15, 1974.

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T.Abdul Rahman (Thazhatheri Abdul Rahman) was a well known Indian Footballer who was member of the Indian National Football team which participated in 1956 Melbourne Olympics.He played as defender of that team which reached up to Semi final and scored the 4th position.
T.Abdul Rahman was later known as 'Olympian Rahman' and was a well known personality.He was born on 20th January 1934 at Kozhikode and his fascination of football began from early childhood and his parents and family members only  kindled his passion.He gave much importance to play than studying at school and stopped studying at school after 4th grade.He started playing for local clubs in Malabar from then on and earned much popularity as a skillful player.Thus he was chosen for playing for  prestigious football clubs like Rajasthan Club and Mohun Bagan Club of Kolkata.
Olympian Abdul Rahman was the best left back as well as the left winger in the country.
He was in the Malabar Team which reached the semifinals of the Rovers Cup in 1954.
He represented Bengal in the Santosh Trophy National Football Championship nine times between 1955 and 1966 out of which the team won four times.
His debut against an International team was in 1955 against Russia at Thiruvananthapuram. 
In the Olympics team of 1956 he was a key member and displayed his best performance which the football lovers very much appreciated.
Due to the injuries he could not participate in the Indian team for the 1960 Rome Olympics.
After participating in the Indian team, he again played for the Mohun Bagan club of Kolkata.He retired from the game in 1967.
The Kozhikode District Football Association has set up an Academy in Kozhikode in his memory and the intention is to train young football aspirants especially from Malabar area.
The Kozhikode Medical College Football Stadium will be  named after him.
Olympian T.Abdul Rahman died on 15th December 2002 at Kozhikode.