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Born as Subramanian, popularly known as 'Kothamangalam Subbu' was a Novelist,lyricist,poet,author,actor,director,story narrator,singer etc and for more than two decades he was the close associate of S.S.Vasan( owner of Gemini Studios who also owned 'Ananda Vikatan' Weekly.Vasan was film producer and director also.)
He was the No.2 of gigantic Gemini Studios and associated with many popular films made at Gemini Studios by Vasan such as 'Chandralekha'.
He used to write Novels etc in the pen name 'Kalaimani'.
Kothamangalam Subbu was born as Subramaniam in a small village of Tamil Nadu and his mother died when he was very young so that he was brought up by his aunt.He got opportunity to study only  up to 8th grade in school.Later he worked as clerk in a timber store at Kothamangalam of Tamil Nadu.
The young Subbu had inborn talents in diversified fields and an ardent love towards dance and music.He was a gifted writer and his novels are very much loved by literature lovers because of its excellent presentation and sweet language.
He wrote 'Thillana Mohanambal' a classic novel after joining with Vasan at Gemini Studios.It handles a theme of 'Devadasi dancers' of temples during early periods  and the romantic love of Nagaswaram expert 'Shanmugasundaram' and dancer Mohanambal is narrated with exquisite beauty in this Novel.It was initially published as a weekly serial in the 'Ananda Vikatan' magazene  which extended for more than two years.The monumental tale of protagonists of dance and music was read eagerly with immense amazement by the readers of 'Ananda Vikatan' weekly.Kalaimani Kothamangalam Subbu was given 'Padma Shri' Award by Government of India in 1971 for authoring this Novel.
Thillana Mohanambal was adapted for Tamil film in the same title in which Sivaji Ganesan and Padmini paired the lead roles  and was produced and directed by A.P.Nagarajan.
At Gemini Studios he was part of great films like

Sundari Bai

'Avvaiyar,Chandralekha,Vanjikottai Valiban,Miss Malini' etc.
The classic cult film 'Avvaiyar' was directed by Kotha Mangalam Subbu.
K.B.Sundarambal appeared in title role and Gemini Ganesan acted as the hero.
In small roles Kothamangalam Subbu and his wife 'Sundari Bai' acted in it.
His wife Sundari Bai was a distant relative of Subbu and has acted in several films.Sundari Bai was the female lead in the film ''Kannamma en Kadhali' which was directed by Subbu.Miss Malini was a remarkable film which was remade in Hindi as Mr.Sampath.In the Tamil film Miss Malini, Subbu was the hero. Pushpavally and Subbu's wife Sundari Bai were the female leads.Sundari Bai was also the lead actress of film 'Dasi Aparanji' and also acted in other films like Sumathi En Sundari,Chandralekha,Bama Rukmini,Avvaiyar etc.
Kothamangalam Subbu acted in films such as 'Miss Malini,Avvaiyar,Thiru Neelakantar,Pava Mannippu' etc.
As a writer his famous works include 'Thillana Mohanambal,Rao Bahadur Singaram,Bandanallur Bama,Ponni Vanathu Poonguyil,Miss.Radha,Manju Virattu' etc.
After quitting the job at Gemini Studios Kothamangalam Subbu  was busy as a 'Villu Pattu' presenter by narrating  stories from history and Hindu epics to eagerly waiting large masses of people in temples of Tamil Nadu.Villu Pattu is a folklore art form performed by a small group of artists by narrating stories with the help of songs and using some musical instruments.
Kothamangalam Subbu passed away on February 15, 1974.

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