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N.N.Pillai (Narayana Pillai Narayana Pillai) was a highly acclaimed Theater  Actor, Director  and Playwright.He is referred to as the 'Natakacharyan' of Kerala which means he was a 'Guru' ,Master .or Preceptor for Malayalam Drama Field.He wrote, directed and acted in 28 plays and all of them attracted large crowds and were hits.
N.N.Pillai was born in 'Vaikom' to Parents  Narayana Pillai and Parukutty Amma.His father was a Village Officer.After Intermediate course he eloped to Malaysia and worked as an estate manager there.In 1950 he came back and settled at 'Olassa' of Kottayam District in Kerala.He formed a drama troupe 'Viswa Kerala Kala Samithi' in 1952  comprising  mostly of his family members.His wife Chinnammu acted in his earlier plays while his sister Omana and son Vijaya Raghavan acted in important roles of several plays.His son Vijayaraghavan later became a popular film actor.
N.N.Pillai selected social and or political themes mostly and his plays  were noted for the novelty of the themes and uncompromising satire.His powerful and sharp dialogues  used to hit his targets without fail.His plays and dialogues worked as a weapon against corruption,crime and evils prevailed in the society.He criticized politicians and even the judiciary when and where appropriate through his plays.He was dare enough to express the feelings of the masses by his dialogues and the audience cheered and applauded always and his plays were a sensation where ever staged.
He was not interested in costly stage settings and decoration but always inclined to  simplicity.His plays received wide recognition and appreciation.He proved that glamorous artists would be  not necessary for the success of plays but powerful theme and dialogues as well as excellent acting skill is the basic necessity to achieve good results.
N.N.Pillai's troupe  'Viswa Kerala Kala Samithi' was very  active for about four decades.
His popular plays includes 'Kapalika,Cross Belt,Porter Kunjali,Eeswaran Arrestil,Gorilla,Pretha Lokam,Njan Swargathil,Supreme Court' etc.
His plays 'Kapalika', 'Porter Kunjali', and 'Cross Belt' were made into movies which were also big hits.
N.N.Pillai was not interested to act in films but acted in a few films.He acted in films like 'Veluthampi Dalawa,Kapalika,Manushya Bandhangal,Nadodi,Godfather and a Telugu film 'Peddarikam'.
His protagonist role in the movie 'Godfather' received large scale admiration and appreciation for his powerful and excellent acting skill and that role would be enough to remember him for ever.
He wrote two books about the study of dramas and wrote autobiography also.
N.N.Pillai passed away in 1996.  

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