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Changampuzha Krishna Pillai was a romantic poet of Kerala who wrote in Malayalam several fantastic and beautiful poetic texts which received much acclaim from the readers.He got the title 'Mahakavi'(Epic Poet) without writing any epic poems as per the required norms because of the beauty of his poems and the popularity they achieved.'Ramanan', an elegy he wrote as a poetic play published in 1936 sold more than 100,000 copies and reprinted many editions till today which is a record in Malayalam language.
'Mahakavi Changampuzha Krishna Pillai' is familiar to all Kerala people by the word 'Changampuzha' itself and he was born at Edapally near Kochi in Ernakulam District on October 11, 1911.His college education was carried out at Ernakulam and in Trivandrum.He started to write poetry from childhood and he had to study his own poetry book when he was a  B.A.(Hons) student at Trivandrum University College.
Changampuzha went to Chennai and and joined at Law College but he could not finish the course because of financial difficulties.For a short period he worked as a clerk at 'Pune' and  later at Kochi.Afterwards he joined at 'Mangalodayam Press' , a publication house at Thrissur.Many of his poetry works were during this period.He got married and became father of three children.
Changampuzha had a close friend 'Edapally Raghavan Pillai' who was his companion from childhood and he also wrote poems and earned name and fame as a poet in his youthful days itself.His demise at the early age of 25 was unbearable for Changampuzha.In his grief and sorrow he wrote the poem 'Ramanan' which is an allegedly story about his friend Edapally Raghavan Pillai.The poetic drama in versus caught the attention of the masses immediately and the people were attracted to its descriptions and beauty of lines.Many people used to memorize the lines from that text.Even though the poem uses simple language which anybody knowing basic Malayalam could understand, the fascinating and amazing  beauty of the lines he created is unparalleled.He depicted the hero of 'Ramanan' as a youthful shepherd.His romance with a girl of a well to do family is the theme of 'Ramanan'.
'Ramanan' was selected as a theme for 'Katha Prasangam'(Musical story telling) by Kathaprasangam exponent 'Kedamangalam Sadanandan' and he performed it on large number of stages before huge crowds while

Changampuzha was alive.
In 1967 Ramanan was selected as the theme for a Malayalam film and released in the same title in which Prem Nazir and Sheela acted in main roles.Madhu,Usha Kumari,Ramu Kariat,Manavalan Joseph' etc also acted in that film and the songs of the  film are still very popular.
Professor Mundaserry Master who served as the first Vice Chancellor of Cochin University, and was a Minister in the state, was very much impressed by 'Ramanan' and he wrote introductory note for its 15th reprint as an appreciation.
Changampuzha got infected by Tuberculosis and was bed ridden for a small period.He passed away on 17th June 1948 at the age of 36.On his tomb some of the lines from his poem 'Spandikkunna Asthimadam' has been inscribed which in short means that on pleasant moon lit  nights filled with the aroma of wild flowers, we can still hear the loving  heart beats  inside the tomb.
The poet was very much fascinated by nature's beauty and he describes a Village scene of Kerala as 'Where ever we look around , we could see blossomed trees only, Even if a slight breeze passes  by, showering of flowers follows'.
At one instance the poet has an inner sight  'Possessing a sincere heart was the cause of his failure'  stated as the lines of a poem.
Some of his works are 'Bashpanjali,Vazhakkula,Manaswini,Divyageetham,Yavanika,Spandikkunna Asthimadam,Udyanalakshi,Padunna Pisachu' which are all poetry books and a novel 'Kalithozhy'.

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