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C.O.Anto was a popular singer who sang large number of Drama songs and Film songs in Malayalam  and captured the hearts of millions of music lovers.He gave soul and life to many  of the songs  which creates a nostalgic feeling when still heard..He has sung only few solos when compared to other great singers of that period, but he could  make possible  many of his songs immortal by his unique powerful voice.
He sang only 178 film songs in 160 films and sung many drama songs also  which all became extremely popular.
C.O.Anto was born at Kochi and he came to be known  a singer by singing a song for the professional drama 'Doctor' and the music director was Devarajan.
He sang beautiful and enchanting solo songs for stage plays and also duets along with famous singers like K.P.A.C.Sulochana.C.O.Anto also sang many songs for the prestigious drama troupe K.P.A.C.
His entry to film field as a playback singer was with the film 'Kadalamma' in 1963.He rose to fame by the song 'Veedinu Ponmani Vilakku Nee, tharavadinu nidhi nee Kudumbini' which he sang for  the film 'Kudumbini' in 1964.Music director for that song was L.P.R.Varma and that song became an instant hit and still loved by all.Many other singers used to sing that song in music stage shows like 'Ganamela' but usually they fails to create the soothing effect and the 'feel'  as created in the original by C.O.Anto.
The 'feel and expressions' C.O.Anto gave to the lines of the lyrics were magical such that the listeners could also experience the thoughts of the lyricist in a distinguished manner.
When the legend singer K.P.Udayabhanu formed the music group under the title'Old is Gold' and conducted musical shows, large crowds gathered to listen to their favorite songs from the throats of those legends  and C.O.Anto who was one among the singers  used to get much accolades.The main  others in the group 'Old is Gold' were 'Kamukara Purushothaman, P.Leela,K.P.A.C.Sulochana,Suseela Devi'

When C.O.Anto sings the song 'Kunnathoru Kavundu, Kavinakathoru Maramundu Marathil niraye Poovundu, Poo Parikkan Porunno' the listener could feel and see in imagination the grove and a tree with full of flowers and their  mind would be ready to pluck the flowers as said in those lines.
When we hear the song 'Madhurikkum Ormakale,Malarmanchal kondu varoo,Kondu Pokoo njangale aa manchuvattil manchuvattil' our mind also unknowingly travels on the palanquin to the cool shades of the mango tree.He transferred all the sweetness of that lines in his expressive voice.
The magical effects he gave to such songs are wonderful.
He sung many songs along with other famous singers like K.J.Yesudas,Jayachandran,M.G.Sreekumar,Unni Menon,Krishnachandran, etc.
His songs like 'Kakka karumbukale' which he sung for the film 'Ezhu Rathrikal' in 1968 and the song 'Paappi Appacha' which he sung with Ambili for the film 'Mayiladum Kunnu' in 1972 earned great popularity.
The famous song 'Oro Thulli Chorayil Ninnum' was sung along with Yesudas for the film 'Mooladhanam'.
C.O.Anto left this world on February 24, 2001.
Some of the films  as a playback singer are:-
Ezhu Rathrikal
Padunna Puzha
Love in Kerala
Asura Vithu
Cross Belt
Mayiladum Kunnu
Raju Rahim
Sathyavan Savithri
Priyamulla Sophia
Maravil Thirivu Sookshikkuka
Arikkari Ammu
Surumayitta Kannukal

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