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Mankulam Vishnu Nampoothiri was a well talented and highly proficient Kathakali dancer/artist who performed this art form on numerous stages and also taught Kathakali to large number of aspirant disciples.
Mankulam Vishnu Nampoothiri was born in 1908 at Keerikkadu in Kayamkulam to Kathakali artist Kesavan Nampoothiri.He was trained initially by Guru Keerikadu Sankara Pillai.
He later got vigorous training in Kathakali dance from exponents like Thottam Sankaran Nampoothiri,Kurichi Kunjan Panicker and Chennithala Kochu Pillai.
Thus he became well versed in the 'Thekkan Chitta' which is the southern style of Kathakali dancing.
Mankulam Vishnu Nampoothiri performed with highly efficient artists like
Guru Chengannur,Haripad Ramakrishna Pillai,Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair,Chennithala Chellappan Pillai,Kudamaloor Karunakaran Nair etc etc.
In 1960 he formed a Kathakali training Institute at Keerikadu, his native place in the name 'Samastha Kerala Kathakali Vidyalayam' and trained students.
Later he joined 'Margi' at Thiruvananthapuram and he was the first Kathakali Guru there.Many of his disciples became well famous Kathakali artists.
During the initial stage of his career he used to enact female characters like 'Damayanthi'.He was one of the Kathakali artist who could enact any type of characters and got appreciation for characters like 'Krishna.Arjuna,Nala,Keechaka,Duryodhana,Ravana,Rukmangada' etc.
He was one of the actors who got accolades for the most appropriate expressions and gestures used.'Bhavabhinaya' and 'mudras' used to be   perfect for Mankulam Vishnu Nampoothiri for all his characters always.
Vishnu Nampoothiri liked to enact as Lord Krishna and the viewers also especially

 enjoyed his character as Krishna in all plays.
His contributions to the revival of this art form will be always remembered.
Mankulam Vishnu Nampoothiri left this world in the year 1981.

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