Monday, May 4, 2015

Leela Omchery

Leela Omchery is a well famed Classical singer,Musicologist and writer.She is the wife of 'Omcherry N.N.Pillai' who is a renowned Malayalam novelist,poet and playwright.She is younger sister of Late Kamukara Purushothaman, who was a famous playback singer in Malayalam and Tamil as well as a Classical singer.
Leela Omchery was born as the daughter of parents Shri.N.P.Kurup and Smt.Laksmikutty Amma at Thiruvattar in 1928 (Now in Tamil Nadu).Her father was a High School Headmaster and was also an actor,composer and dramatist.Mother was also music exponent.
Leela Omchery was  trained in Classical music from childhood along with her elder brother K.Purushothaman.She learnt classical Carnatic music from her parents and grandmother initially and then from Gurus like 'Kambar brothers,Arumukham Pillai,Vadakkamcherry Rama Bhagavathar etc.
Exponents like T.K.Subrahmanya Iyer taught her Sopana Sangeetham.
Hindustani Music was taught to her by Gurus like Pt.Prannath.
She had her schooling in Kanyakumari District and for Intermediate course she studied at Women's College Thiruvanathapuram.
She passed in flying colors courses like 'B.A. Music from Kerala University,
B.A.Hindistani from Punjab University,
M.A.English from Meerut University and
Ph.D from Delhi University.
She has given so much contributions in the field of Indian music.
She unearthed a number of forgotten composiotions of legends like Swathi Thirunal,Irayimman Thampi,Govinda Marar etc.
She brought out many traditional dance songs including Mohiniyattam songs through Audio Cassettes,CD s,DVDs etc.
She is working as the Professor and Principal at 'Trikaala Gurukulam' in Delhi where training in dance,Classical music,Sopana Sangeetham etc are given to aspirant students.
She is also Professor at Kamukara School of Dance,Music and Research Studies at Thiruvananthapuram.
She is President of the Organisation 'Dakshina Bharati, and Vice president of 'Swaralaya'.
She is also accredited  Supervisor and Guide to Ph.D and M.Phil from various universities.
She is selection Board member of AIR,'Door- Darshan'
She wrote books like 'Indian Music, 'Immortals of Indian Music' etc in English and  books like
'Abhinaya Sangeetham

Padavum Paadavum
Keralathile Lasya Rachanakal
Karuna Cheyvan Enthu Thamasam Krishna
Leela Omcheriyude Pathangal
Vettam Mangiya Kovil Pattukal' etc in Malayalam and also books like

  'Leelanjali'(a collection of her short stories), 'Aaharavum Arogyavum' etc
She is recipient of 'Padma Shree' award from the Government of India in 2009.
She is also recipient of Central Sangeet Natak Academy Award.
She received Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy Fellowship in 1981.
She is also recipient of several other awards from many other Organisations.
She has two Children and her daughter Deepti Omchery Bhalla is  Professor at Faculty of Music and Fine Arts,University of Delhi and is an acclaimed classical dancer.

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