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S.K.Pottekkatt was a highly admired Malayalam writer who was recipient of 'Jnanapith' the highest literary award in India for his Malayalam novel 'Oru Desathinte Kadha' in the year 1980.
He was the author of about 60 books out of which ten are novels,18 travelogues,24 short story collections,four plays,three poetry books,and memoirs,essays etc.
S.K.Pottekkatt (Sankaramkutty Pottekakatt) was born on 4th March 1913 at Kozhikode in Kerala.He graduated from Zamorin's College,Calicut in 1934.During the period 1937 to 1939 he worked as a teacher at Calicut Gujarati school.He went to Bombay in 1939 and returned in 1045.During his stay at Bombay he was involved in Indian freedom struggle.He worked in many organisations during that period.He wrote the  novel 'Nadan Premam' also at that time in 1941.
He got married in 1952.
His novel 'Visha Kanyaka' is based about the migration of people to Northern Malabar regions in those period.
His novel 'Oru Theruvinte Kadha' is based on the 'Mithai Theruvu' which is S.M.Steet of Kozhikkode.
'Oru Desathinte Kadha' also referred as his biographical novel won Kerala Sahithya Academy award in 1972,Kendra Sahitya Academy award in 1977 and 'Jnanpith' award, the highest literary award in 1980.
He embarked 18 months tour to Africa and Europe in 1946.In 1952 he travelled to Ceylon,Indonesia and Malaysia.Later he visited Finland,Czechoslovakia and Russia.
His travelogues received much admiration and acclaim.His detailed descriptions give a proper insight of that places and provides an inner vision as if really seeing those places.His narration of novels with sudden twists and changes of situations, suspense etc delights the readers,and also the readers are very much fond of his travelogues which use charming beautiful language,unparalleled skill of describing the places etc that still they are all widely read.
Some of his popular travelogues are 'Simhabhoomi,Kappirikalude Nattil,Nile Diary,Indonesian Diary,Balidweep,Pathirasooryante Nattil,Innathe Europe,Soviet Diary' etc.

He was given a honorary Doctorate Degree(Degree of Letters) by the Univerisity of Calicut in 1982.
S.K.Pottekkatt was elected Member of Indian Parliament for a term from 1962 to 1967.
His books has been translated to English,German,Italian,Russian,Czech and all major Indian languages.
S.K.Pottekatt passed away on 6th August 1982. 

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