Friday, August 14, 2015


The tenth President of India  Sri.K.R.Narayanan   was from Kerala  and all Malayalis are very much proud of him.
According to the constitution and fundamental rights of India any Indian Citizen can become the President of India.This is true in the world's largest democratic republic but a common man will not dream about the highest dignified position as the No.1 citizen of India.Only highly qualified people with exceptional qualities and talents can attain that position.K.R. Narayanan reached that position since he was ambitious,very brilliant from childhood,ebullient and hardworking.He had to struggle a lot in his younger days to get succeed in life.
Kocheril Raman Narayanan was the fourth child among seven children of the parents  who were very poor and lived in a small hut at Uzhavoor village in Kottayam District.His father was a traditional Ayurveda and Sidha Medical Practitioner and was respected by the society but financially they were in great difficulty.
K.R.Narayanan was a brilliant student from the childhood  itself and reading books and studying was his passion.He had to walk 15km to the primary school through village roads and paddy fields to reach his  school.The nominal fees was also difficult for him to pay in time and had to stand outside the class for several days as punishment.But then also he never thought of discontinuing the studies.He matriculated from St.Mary's High School Kuravilangad and for Intermediate course he studied at C.M.S. College,Kottayam.He obtained his B.A.(Honours) and M.A.English Literature from University of Travancore in first Class.His higher studies was possible from the aid from the Travancore Royal family as per his written request.
He went to Delhi and worked as a journalist in 'The Hindu' and 'The Times of India' for a short period.Then he was lucky to get a scholarship from J.R.D.Tata for studies at London School of Economics and got B.Sc in Economics with specialization  in Political science.After returning from London he met Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and got entry in to Indian Foreign Service.
As a diplomat he worked at Rangoon,Tokyo,London,Canberra, and Hanoi.Nehru was very much impressed about him and said that he was the best Diplomat of the country.Later he was Indian Ambassador to Thailand,Turkey and Peoples Republic of China.He taught at Delhi School of Economics for a small period and worked as Secretary to the Ministry of External Affairs.He retired in 1978 but was made the Vice-Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU) of New Delhi.Under the Indira Gandhi administration he was again called back to serve as the Indian Ambassador to the United States of America from 1980 to 84.Smt.Indira Gandhi requested him to enter politics and he contested for Lok Sabha elections from Ottappalam constituency in Kerala in 1984 elections and won.He won the elections from the same constituency in 1989 and 91.
He served the Nation as Minister of state from 1985 to 89.
K.R.Narayanan was elected as the Vice President of India  on 21 Aug 1992 under the Presidency of Dr.Sankar Dayal Sharma.After the five year term he was elected as the President of India  on 17 July 1997.He got 95% votes against the only opponent T.N.Seshan.He was sworn in to the Office as President of India on 25th July 1997 by Chief Justice J.S.Verma.
While he was a diplomat at  Rangoon he married Ma Tint  Tint, a Burmese girl.She accepted Indian Citizenship and was renamed as Usha Narayanan.
After retirement from President's Office he lived with his wife in a Central Delhi Bungalow.K.R.Narayanan  died on 9 Nov 2005 at the Army Research and Referral Hospital,New  Delhi.He was cremated at 'Ekta Sthal' on the banks of river Yamuna.
K.R.Narayanan will be proudly and lovingly remembered by all for ever.