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Velu Thampi Dalawa

Chempakaraman Velayudhan Thampi(1765-1809) was the Chief Minister of  His Highness Maharaja Balarama Varma of Travancore state of Kerala.He was popularly known as Velu Thampi Dalawa.(Dalawa means Chief Minister ).He was chief minister from 1801 to 1809.Velayudhan Chempakaraman Thampi was born in the village of 'Kalkulam' to parents Kunjumayitti Pillai and Valliamma Thankachy on 6th May 1765.
He started his career as the Tehsildar of Mavelikkara Taluk and earned the reputation as a good administrator.During that period the Dalawa of the King was a corrupted man by name Jayanthan Nampoothiri.When he was accused of a murder case there was protest to remove him from his Office.Velu Thampi who had tremendous potential to attract the attention of a large crowd, gathered so many people together  and marched to the palace demanding the resignation  of the  Dalawa.
Velu Thampi was victorious in this effort and the King appointed Velu Thampi as the new Chief minister.Velu Thampi was vested with more administrative  power as a token of his efficiency and public support.Soon the state was on the path of prosperity under his leadership and guidance.Corruption was not tolerated and the punishments given to the accused  were very severe.He was known and famous  as 'Idayaprabhu Kulothunga Kathirkulathu Mulappada Arasarana Irayanda Thalakulathu Valia Veettil Chempakaraman Velayudhan Thampi'.
This was the period when East India Company could establish their empire in India..There was no unity among the princely local rulers and jealousy and rivalry also existed among them which helped British to defeat them one by one and establish their empire.There was Maratha wars,Mysore wars lead by Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, Carnatic wars Sikh War lead lead by Raja Ranjith Singh and many more against the British  which they could suppress easily.Nobody remembered the proverb 'Unity is Strength'.
Velu Thampi was not tolerant to accept the British Supremacy and was not  willing  to pay them the high amount of Royalty as demanded by the East India Company.The state of Travancore was friendly with the State of Cochin in Kerala.During that period the ruler of Cochin handed over the administrative charges to his Chief Minister  Govinda Menon(Commonly known as Paliath Achan) and was taking rest at Aluva Palace.Paliath Achan was also not willing to pay the excessive royalty amount to East India Company which resulted in rivalry between East India Company and clashes with these two Chief Ministers.
Moreover Velu Thampi made a proclamation at a place Kundara such that Foreign supremacy can not be tolerated and that British involvement in the cultural integrity and self pride of Kerala will not be allowed.This is known as 'Kundara Proclamation' and resulted in a war between British troops and Travancore troops near Kollam.In that battle Travancore troops  of Velu Thampi was defeated.Velu Thampi had to flee for his life from the Palace accompanied with his younger brother.The British very well knew that if the Dalawa   was  left alive he would summon a large group of people within a short span of time  and attack them again.So they proclaimed Rs.50,000/-

which was a huge amount at that time  for any body who could give them  information  about his whereabouts .Velu Thampi had plans to go to Northern Kerala and on the way he handed over his sword at Kilimanoor Palace to keep it under safe custody there.
During the next day night he took refuge in a Devi temple at Mannadi in Pathanamthitta district.A greedy resident of the locality informed to the British that Veluthampi Dalawa was staying inside  the temple.British troops surrounded the temple immediately.Velu Thampi understood that an escape was impossible but he was not ready to surrender to them  since he could imagine that they would harass him to the maximum.So he sat in front of his younger brother and requested him to cut off his head.His loving brother could not carry out that crime.So Velu Thampi drew out his dagger and killed himself.
The British could fetch his dead body only.They did not show any justice or respect  to his dead body also.His brother was also executed and  their house  was demolished to ground..He sought and Fought for independence of his mother Land bravely and embraced death.Mean while Paliath Achan, of Cochin was arrested and exiled to Madras.

There is a monument constructed  at Mannadi,  Pathanamthitta District in his remembrance which is visited by tourists far and near.His statue is existed in front of the Government Secretariat at Thiruvananthapuram. 


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Shri.E.K.Nayanar was a wonderful genius politician,One of the leaders of Communist Party of India(Marxist)CPI(M), and the longest serving Chief Minister Of Kerala for a span of eleven years in three
tenures.He was in Office for a total of 4009 days and was Chief Minister from 1980-81, 1987-91 and
Comrade E.K.Nayanar was a humanitarian loved by all people irrespective of political views.He was perhaps the only
politician who had virtually no enemies at all.Political opponents were also having no personal  hatred towards
him but they were also his  admirers.He was a person having several unparalleled qualities and was unpretentious,unselfish,sanguine who had practical ideologies and one who committed his life for  uplifting
the common man and the oppressed sectors.Even though born in a wealthy family he dedicated himself for the
welfare of the downtrodden sectors in the society and earned love and respect of all People of Kerala in
Erambala Krishnan Nayanar was born as the son of Govindan Nambiar in Kalliassery of Kannur District
on 9 Dec 1919.His father believed in the feudal system  but Nayanar was interested in populism and socialist
activities.He was highly impressed when a Dalit girl was admitted in the local school with the activities of uncle
K.P.R.Gopalan and others. Nayanar wore the Gandhi cap and entered into  National movements as a Student
volunteer without caring the objection from his father.He worked in 'Balasangham'.E.K.Nayanar could start
a library at the native place and named it as Shri.Harshan Library in memorial to Harshan who was tortured to death in Kannur Central Jail for participating in National movements.Nayanar was dropped out of school for
indulging in political activities.He joined the socialist path led by P.Krishna Pillai.
Nayanar joined CPI in 1939.As a youth leader he led the 46 days Aaron Mill Strike by the workers for dismissing thirty workers by the management.He was put in jail  for six months for that incident.On September 15 1940 Nayanar was one of the organizers of the Morazha Rally in protest against rising prices.Two police men were killed in the rally and Nayanar went in to hiding for 6 years without knowing that he was not in the accused list.During that period he could work in 'Kerala Kaumudi' Newspaper as a proof reader.
He also organized the Kayyur strike of the peasants and  an incident happened that a policeman was stoned and he jumped in the river and drowned.Even though not involved directly he went in to hiding in the forest area of Eleri.
When the Communist party got split Nayanar stood with the CPI(M).
He was elected to Lok Sabha in 1967 and was elected to Kerala Assembly six times.His constituencies
include Malampuzha,Irikkur,Thalasseri etc.
Nayanar was a simple man always and led a simple life.He married School teacher Sarada and they have
two sons and two daughters.Nayanar was an atheist but he allowed freedom to his family to choose their
interests in such matters.The most appealing factor of Nayanar was his ability to speak humorously.During his stirring
speeches also he included witty comments that produced roaring laughter from the audience.He could fill
gusto in to the minds of the workers and give them positive attitude and confidence through his words.
Occasionally some of his comments about certain happenings seemed irritating to  some sectors but
everybody knew that he was irreproachable at heart and so ultimately they also used to laugh only.
In 1996 elections he was not a candidate but the Projected Chief Minister candidate V.S.Achuthanandan
failed at Mararikkulam and Nayanar was selected as the Chief Minister.He won in by-election from Thalassery.
Nayanar authored several books including his autobiography in the name 'My Struggle' which he himself
translated into  Malayalam as 'Samaratheechoolayil'.Some other works are 'Marxism-Oru Mukhavura' and
Nehru-Gandhi Oru Padhanam etc.
Nayanar was admitted at All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS) New Delhi, for the advanced treatment
of diabetes after a brief stay at Trivandrum Medical College in 2004 May.His condition became
worse  on May 6 because of Kidney and heart failure and was put on life support systems.He succumbed
to death on May 19,  2004.He was 85 years old.
There was uninterrupted flow of people from all sectors of the society at the AKG Centre, and Secretariat
Durbar Hall  for having a glimpse of the great leader.There were tremendous crowds in all places up to Kannur  when the funeral procession proceeded from Trivandrum.People waited for hours to pay homage
to him in the monsoon rain.It was raining all over Kerala as if the nature was also weeping along with the
people in agony.His funeral was conducted on Payyaram Beach on the night of 21 May 2004  in the
presence of thousands of people by his elder son.He will be ever remembered by all.