Monday, March 28, 2016


T.N.Gopakumar was a well noted Journalist,Writer,TV Programme producer and presenter,Film director,TV Serial Director and so on.He earned much appreciation, respect and love from TV viewers for the Asianet Channel's weekly programme 'Kannadi' which he produced,directed and anchored  for about twenty years.That programme earned tremendous mass appeal and completed more than 600 episodes successfully.
T.N.Gopakumar was born at Sucheendram in 1957 as the son of P.Neelakanta Sharma and L.Thankamma.His father was a religious Vedic Scholar and a 'Sthanikar' of Sucheendram Temple.Gopakumar had his schooling at Sucheendram and Nagercoil.He studied at Institute of English,Kerala University for B.A. and M.A.course.After journalism course he joined 'Indian Express Newspaper'  as a Journalist.Later he worked with Newspapers and Periodicals such as 'Mathrubhumi,News Time,India Today,Statesman,Independent' and so on.He was popularly known as T.N.G.
While he was working with BBC at Delhi, he was invited to join the newly formed TV Channel, Asianet.He was News Editor in Chief at 'Asianet' and also handled the weekly news based programme 'Kannadi' very efficiently.
'Kannadi' earned much mass appeal which reviewed relevant main news of a week and also handled the problems of the poor and suppressed sectors of the society.Several poor needy destitute people with none to turn to for help or support including widows,old aged people,chronic Patients,Orphans etc got help from 'Kannadi' to get back to the track of life.Broad

minded viewers with helping hands from India and abroad donated to 'Kannadi' to help the genuine needy people as per his request.
By the programme 'Kannadi' he helped to resolve many grievances of   individuals and public which were brought to the attention of the authorities concerned and got fast proper action for them.
The unique masculine voice and presentation style of 'Kannadi' by T.N.Gopakumar was very much loved by all viewers and he was much appreciated and received much accolades.
T.N.G. was also author of about fifteen books including 'A Collection of Short Stories,Novels,Travelogues,Political reviews,Autobiography etc.Some of his books are 'Sucheendram Rekhakal,Soodran,Koodaram,Dilli,Volgo Tharangangal' etc.His Autobiography titled 'Sucheendram Rekhakal' got Kerala Sahithya Academy award in 1998 and for a travelogue book 'Volgo Thanrangangal' also he received Kerala Sahithya Academy Award.A novel 'Palum Pazhavum' is being published in a Malayalam weekly at present.
He directed a TV serial by name 'Verukal' and a Malayalam film 'Jeevan Masai'.Nedumudi Venu, Kavyamadhavan,Vijayaraghavan,Sreevidya,V.K.Sreeraman,Manu Varma,M.R.Gopakumar  etc  were the actors of the film.
T.N.Gopakumar passed away on 30th January 2016 at the age of 58.
His wife is Heather Gopakumar and they have two daughters, Gayathri and Kaveri.